DIY 3D printable flashlight holders

Got tired of having my flashlights hanging on those metal screwin hooks, and occasionally a kid would come by and yank on it breaking the string.

Got into a new hobby of 3D printing…guess what…mashup of budget lights and 3D printing

I present to you, 3D printable flashlight holders (wish they were my design…but they aren’t, they can be found below)

Now for the photos

Same flashlight and wall mount, C3, programmed mosfet, first click = wide open sock badguy in the puss with as much light as I can throw at him

The above are my bump in the night flashlights…right next to my head, about 2’ from my quick open pistol safe, the Roche is 4” below the pistol safe

Anyone recognize this light? Right next to my bedroom door

Light by front door in house

Garage door light

back door light

As you can see these hold lights snugly and neatly, there are tons of other designs there, but these seem to work the best for me
Printed in ABS plastic, on a sub $200 gearbest A8 3D printer

Very creative. You must have a very understanding girl. :slight_smile:

Yup, especially when the power goes out :wink:


Very good idea, I just told my wife we need to hang lights up around house!

Old thread but inspired by this I made a holder for mye Astrolux MF02S. Didn’t test it yet so who knows if it works. Open to any suggestions on design changes :slight_smile:


If you living in a place where you have to sleep with a pistol, or any other weapon, specially with kids.
I’d say it was time to move.

we don’t even lock the doors here. and I usually leave car open with windows half down.
Even in shopping centre’s.

Those 3d holders look neat though. Think about selling them to suit.
A lot here will have a use for them.

It’s better to have and not need than need and not have. I may get one of these printed to try it out. Thanks for the find!