DIY holster ... for classic flashlight format ... no needle work required....this time ..

Removed due to lack of interest ......

Nice holsters Martin. :heart_eyes:

This is awesome! Great looking holsters! and leather is always a great choice for longevity and strength as well as look imo. Could I bother you to supply some more pictures of the cuts you made? I understand based on your already generous pictures how the aluminum bar stock plays in, but I’ve never worked with leather before. I do consider myself mildly handy and have a decent home game work shop. Thanks! In advance!

Sweet! I like this idea :+1: :wink:
I did the holster for my OL Contest 2019 light in a free style way like this!
Thanks for sharing :wink:

Great info, and i totally get it. When i build small furniture pieces or some new design, it almost always comes from my mind and i do not drw it out unless absolutely necessary. Also, picture documenting leather work when holding peices together during. glue up would be … well very difficult, so … no worries!

More importantly, what is the name of those Ikea Displays? They’re awesome, i was going to make some out of plexi, but with the cost of that it may be the same price to buy what you have (i know ikea is usually priced fairly).



You’re a bit harsh with this. It’s not my cup of tea as I like the stitching work but I find it very creative and it’s interesting to see what solutions you found.

Also you got some reactions, all of them positive. Don’t expect the internet would explode du to your idea, it’s didn’t do so from mine, neither :wink:

Nobody except myself (and in this case my son) care about most of my stuff, even though there’s like 2 or 3 hours of work in each piece. I don’t mind as I enjoyed making it.

As long as you enjoy making the things you do,keep doing it and show it sometimes. It might not get the clicks it may deserve, there’s just too many people doing stuff and there’s too many things we can buy these days, still a custom made piece is something you made with your own hands, not many people can show something like that anymore.