DIY Light builds

OK, so here's another question for the group...

Quite a few of us are interested in the trustfire, uniquefire AKOray K-106, single cell AA / 14500 lights. (And for that matter, single C123, and 18650 based slim format light bodies).

Since there are several of these lights that are identical in their form factors, does anyone have ANY idea who actually manufactures them.

What are our chances in buying empty hosts, (lights bodies, minus LED, driver, and battery), for us to embrace as DIY LED kits to build the EDC light of our choice?

I don't know what our buying clout might be, but there are small companies that might appreciate our collective business.

One would hope that we could negotiate pricing / discounts / group buys, to make these things possible.

I myself could see buying 5 or 6 to start and maybe 8 to 10 more later as gifts.

Your thoughts BLF members?


Is there something specific you are looking for DX has the C6 and a C2 host available, Manafont has the 500 series of Ultrafire lights and KD has a 14500 host also. I am always interested in new hosts to build up.