DIY or Brand Name

Hey guys,

I have only ever used 4*18650 boxes with my own recycled or bought cells.

All my cells are now fairly run down looking to upgrade to 21700 or buy new 18650s.

Is there merit in buying names such as Xiaomi or Romoss who’s prices appear quite reasonable for the mah. Do these banks stand the test of time?

I know Anker is top notch but would like to keep cost reasonable unless I can get these on sale.

In the market for around 5 20,000mah boxes and at least one box with 20v laptop output.

Basically a long ass camping trip… However… Nothing too heavy and can be carried in a large satchel.

Thank you!

The power bank is only as good as the batteries inside. A cheap power bank will have cheap batteries. Astrolux has a power bank where you can use your own batteries.