djozz tests

A video of djozz reflowing mutiple leds on a single MCPCB

This is a good question…I’m trying to decide between the 219C 5000k and the XP-L 4000k V2. The 219C seems to still have the higher CRI (83 vs 75) but it might be negligible. The 4000k’s tint is quite nice but I’m not really sure which one is more efficient or has more overall output.

The XP-L HI likely has higher output and better throw. But do you prefer 4000K or 5000K? Have you compared the two color temperatures in person?

Me, I don’t like 4000K. It looks yellow to me, even at 93CRI. Many people really like it though.

I kinda prefer around a 4500kish tint tbh. I haven’t seen either in person, but I do have some BLF-348s on order. The 4000k XP-L HI shots I’ve seen online I actually do like…doesn’t seem yellow….maybe more of a 4400kish look.

I guess you’re right though…in the end the CRIs are pretty similar in these so it would just come down to the tint I prefer.

Djozz I could have sworn you had tested an XHP35. Am I wrong?

Yeah, you shouldn’t swear.
JK :smiley: I have no idea

Hey whizz I love your data. Have you ever tested the xhp 35 hi?

I have a few tests of the XHP35 in my sig, not sure if Djozz ever tested them.

No, I haven’t. By the time I could order them there wete many people with data on the XHP35, especially the good test by Texas_Ace.
The Hi version would have a bit less output, but the voltage data and curve shape should be similar.

I looked and didn’t see it Texas, thank you.

Try this one: XHP35 output and death test + PWM efficiency test by Texas_Ace

Hey djozz,

Do you have any interest in putting line breaks in your OP to make the list of test, well… a list, instead of a paragraph?

I find myself coming back here all the time because it is such a good reference, but the formatting of the OP is a bit difficult to find the particular test I’m looking for.

Just a thought.

Hi sac02, I’m glad that you find my tests useful :slight_smile: .

I like the compactness of the OP, a list would stretch it out enormously. But if the general opinion is that a list is more handy, I can change that of course.

Hello! I'm here to chew bubblegum and kick ass :-D suggest a couple related tests (djozz? Texas_Ace?). Kaidomain recently stocked a couple new XP-E HEW emitters, a Q3 7A2 (3000K) CRI90+ and a Q5 5D2 (4000K) CRI80+. 1mm² die size? Quite nice these must be for small throwers and triples. I wonder how much overcurrent they can afford.

Cheers :-)

I have the tendency to test emitters that interest me personally, which is the luxury of this being a hobby. These quite old emitters sound not really appealing, and being from the XP-E family, on a DTP board they probably can be driven up to about 2A.

Can understand djozz. Posted about this in Kaidomain's thread about a day ago. If their performance and colour rendering is great, regulated triples can be quite appealing with them.

I'll drop Texas_Ace a line.

Cheers :-)

Thank you! This beats searching.

Thank you for this thread.
It reduces my list of subscriptions considerably.

Thanks djozz, your testings are EXTREMELY USEFUL to the community, including a newbie like me.
I’ve just read your thread on XML3 LED testing , and I found it fascinating that 5A-rated LED is actually capable of much higher current.
(Heck, I didn’t even know :person_facepalming: that XML3 does exist)

Now I’m gonna read your other testings to get at least a rough idea of what driver is suitable (at least in terms of current requirement/limit) for some LEDs that I’d like to buy for my S2+ mod in the not-so-near future ,

I’m glad that the tests are useful to you. :slight_smile:
I’m a bit in testing retirement so not many new tests are added, but that may change again if I there will be more time and attention to the hobby again (lots of other thing on my mind right now).