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I start this thread, or actually just a post, to make everything that I tested the last few years and posted on BLF, a bit more accessable (yesterday I tried to put everything in my sig-line but that just looks ugly, so now the sig-line just contains a link to this post). If I do more tests in the future, I will add links to them in this post.

As a general disclaimer, the minimum that I try to achieve in my tests is a good impression of what is going on with a led, spring, or whatever it is that I tested, which may be helpful in modding a flashlight. In some cases I dare claim that what I measure is a good approximation of the reality. In no test I claim that my results are the exact truth, as an amateur I make no use of certified or officially calibrated equipment, and the test set-ups are usually (though well thought-over) home-made contraptions. I do always try to pay attention to possible shortcomings of the used method.

Here are the links:

Integrating spheres: sphere #1, sphere #2, sphere #3, sphere #4
Luxmeter tests: link1 link2 link3 , link4, link5, link6,
(CIE 1924) V(lambda) curve
Other tests: switches, springs, 20mm XM-boards, light loss in a zoomie, ZWB2 UV-pass filter, reflectors, light loss in a S2+ triple and a reflector light, how hot does a Convoy S2+ flashlight get?,
Inaccuracy of tint and colour reproduction: link1, link2
Reviews: sk68-clone, Leds and bulbs from Yuji high CRI ledstore

Driver hacks: cheap FET-converted Nanjg driver, re-building the intl-outdoor colour driver as a versatile PWM-less multimode multi-emitter driver.
Video: 4 tail current measuring methods roughly compared
Moonbeam: catching the light of the moon

Trit fun: casting my own tritrium keychain fob

Led tests, white emitters, tests usually on DTP copper boards: Nichia 219A 4500K 92CRI, Nichia 219B 5500K 75CRI/5000K 92CRI, Nichia 219B 'small die', Nichia 219C 5000K 83CRI, Cree XR-E on DTP-copper board, Cree XP-G2, Cree XM-L2, Cree MT-G2, Cree XP-E2, Cree XP-E2 'Torch', Cree XP-L, Cree XP-L Hi, Cree XHP70 (post#575), Cree XHP50 (post#274), Lumileds Luxeon Q, Lumileds Luxeon Z, Osram Oslon Square (3500K 80CRI), new Osram Oslon Square (4000K 90CRI), Osram Oslon SSL80 96CRI, cheap XP-L replacement found in SRK-clones, cheap chinese 'JR' XP-E-type led, Nichia 219B V1 4000K 93CRI, three Oslons: 1) latest gen. Oslon Black Flat 2) SSL80 4000K 92CRI latest gen. 3) SSL80 4500K 96CRI 1 gen. before latest, 3rd gen. Osram Oslon Square 5000K 70CRI, Cree XP-G3 S5 3A, Samsung LH351B, Nichia 144A series 6500K 70CRI + 5700K 90CRI , Cree XHP50.2 J4 3A, Nichia E17A and E21A, Luminus SST-40 N4 BA bin, Lumileds Luxeon V, Yuji VTC-series D50 5730 led, Nichia Optisolis 5000K and 3000K midpower leds, Luminus SST-20-W 3000K 95CRI, Yuji high CRI 5mm leds, Osram KW CSLNM1.TG, Osram KW CSLPM1-TG, Lumileds Luxeon V2 5000K, Seoul Semiconductor SunLike 3500K 95+CRI, Nichia 119D and Nichia 219F, Luminus Xnova Cube 1800K 90CRI, Getian GT-FC40: a 5000K 95CRI 12V domeless XHP70 replacement, Luminus SST-70, Luminus SBT-90 gen2, Cree XM-L3 U4 1B, Luminus SFT40, Yinding 5050 30W, Nichia 519A sw45 R9080, Luminus SFT-70, Nichia 719A 5000K R9050 , next
Led tests, narrow spectrum emitters, most tests on DTP copper boards: XM-L colour, Ledengin LZ1 365nm (mod, no output test), Nichia 276A U365, Royalighting RY-3535P 365nm, led4powers's Semileds 3535-size 365nm, LG 3rd gen. 3535-size 385nm, cheap 3535-size 400nm led from Uniquefire 602C UV, Prolight 3535-size 435nm led, Cree XP-E2 red, green, blue, Lumileds Luxeon Z cyan, Lumileds Luxeon Rebel PC-lime, Cree XR-E/XP-E/XP-E2 red leds, Osram Oslon Black 1.8V 850nm (test in post#68)., ProLight Opto PK2N series: cyan/435nm/PC amber + Cree XP-E2 PC amber, LG 4th gen. 3535-size 385nm led, 3535 365nm Liteon led and 5050 (XM-size) 2.8A Epileds 400nm led, Luminus SST-10 365nm + new type LiteOn 3535 365nm, Third gen. LG 3535-size 365nm, Seoul Viosys Z5 series 3535-size 365nm led, Ledengin LZ1 365nm, Vishay VLMU1610-365-135 tiny midpower 365nm led, LG 365nm UV led LEUVA33W70RL00, Epileds high power 5050 yellow and pink, Osram Ostar Projection PC-green KP CSLNM1 F1, Cree XP-G3 660nm, next
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Very valuable info!!! Thank you for what you do, Jozz! :wink:

Thanks djozz. You are a legend and your work invaluable. Your efforts are greatly appreciated. Nearly every light I build I use your info to spec it up.

Who's been a busy boy ;)

Your tests are really an invaluable asset here. Cheers :beer:

Subscribed! Your reviews and tests are always thorough and informative. And i like your "not so polished" style


Very nice Djozz! The signature line was huge, glad you started this, thanks for all you do here!

Djozz, improving BLF’s signal/noise ratio since 09/07/2012

And it makes it easy to point newbies to this thread for 2 purposes:

1. Gaining knowledge, without retyping it all the time.

2. To show them that testing is a requirement for pushing the boundaries of our lights.

Thanks djozz for being such a valuable, informative, and friendly part of BLF.

Sticky :smiley:

So I take it the 219B V1 is coming soon?

Yes…thank you sir. I was just about to look for a test thread on a red xp-e2…so you helped me out there, lol.

Good catch, THE_dAY very kindly gifted me three Nichia 219B V1 4000K leds from, they are underway somewhere. When they are in I will test one (not to death, I will use them for a triple). I am mainly curious about the Vf compared to the old 219B and the 219C.

Thanks djozz .

Sweet. Yeah Vf, and maybe you could see if lumens are still increasing at 3amps?

This is fantastic! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve referenced your data/tests to compare information for purchasing a particular light. Like most of the previous posts have said, your work is invaluable.

Lets make this thread a sticky, it provides valuable info to us modders. Thank you for your hard work.

On a side note, the link to the xhp70 led seems incorrect :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice testing job! :party:
Thank you for everything, don’t stop :wink:

Thanks for the nice comments :-) (was not the intention, it is all old work)

corrected the link, I hope the rest works ok