Do you ever get a REAL tracking number when you order from GearBest ?

I've ordered from GearBest a number of times now. I'm satisfied with their service and I have always received my order BEFORE the due date but.....

Is it just me or does GearBest never post an actual tracking number that you can use at the carrier's website?

They provide "tracking" on their site but it's not really tracking. Am I missing something? Do they give you the actual carrier shipping number somewhere in your order history?

I've never seen a real tracking number with any of my GearBest orders.

Over 100 orders. Allways real track numbers.

Yes, tracking has worked each time as far as I recall. I find the USPS system works for me… it shows the origin post in China and then a long gap until it hits the USA.

Where do they post the real tracking numbers? I can't find them on any of my orders so obviously I'm overlooking something.

The only tracking I ever saw was on their site only.

On your GB orders page click on the order number (like W1608181754390411)
That opens a new page

Find and click on “Track Your Shipment”, which appears above the product Details where the item is pictured beside a link to the merchandise page.

You get another new page. Either click on the button “View Tracking Message” or copy the tracking number and enter it USPS tracking if you are in the USA. As long as the shipment has entered the China Post system I can always see it there. Sometimes that takes a few days from the first time the GB page shows it has shipped.

I don’t normally use their tracking link (also with the other vendors), I just use this link:


you can use the tracking service of the specific postal service used:

Like NL post, I track it here:

I’ve been using the international bridge option for a few $$ more. You can track that on myib.
Regular shipping track through USPS website. Works every order. Or do like me and order and forget. My Convoy L6 was an exception, I wanted that bad!

Never had an issue with tracking GearBest orders. 17track seems to work the best.

How long does the “the item is pre-advised” status change?

Bro, it ranges from 4 to 8 or 9 days.

Lol I learned pretty fast not to check tracking and just wait for things to come, man I was pissed when I used to see pre-advised or tracking not showing anything. Far more relaxed to just cut orders so they are small and only have 1 or 2 items and see when they come here. I go with basic shipping without insurance and when something gets in, I mark it received and check what is expected, right now I have a knife order from January 6th that is not in I saw, maybe ask where it is next week.

I’ve ordered from GearBest 16 times during the past 2 years. Never experienced any real problems. Sure, the shipping times can be long (well over a month to Sweden) sometimes; but lately it’s been a lot quicker.

Also GearBest, like most Chinese merchants, normally give you a tracking number long before they actually ship something. Be prepared for that the tracking can stay flagged as “pre-advised” for about 2 weeks before they hand over the package to the shipping agent and the real transfer begins.

I normally use the App from AfterShip when tracking.

To answer the op, yes, GB gives real tracking number. GB has more than 1,000 employees, they are big business in online-vending, just like BG or FT for that matter, and I am sure those vendors won’t try to just even attempt to give us fake tracking number, for it will not be in their best interest, to put it just very mildly.

Sure, there are times I was given a wrong tracking number (a number was wrong, that was from FT iirc) or they ship it out of the gate not as fast as we want it to be, but in all fairness to everyone, personally I would never expect FEDEX, UPS or DHL shipping speed for something I paid very, very little, and even free shipping in almost all cases previously.

I’ve ordered Imalent DN70 on feb. 1 , shipped out on feb. 7. Tracking still shows “the item is pre-advised” :frowning:

i`ve placed A LOT of orders there, no fake tracking at all.

Thanks, i have 2 package at NL post, and 17track seem didnt give any info

Sadly, both 17track and postnl provide same infomation

Does the tracking number end in NL? It is on way.
It will change at any time, when it arrives in Netherlands, to The item is at the PostNL sorting center and later to The item is on transport to the country of destination

I use to track my packets

It’s like “fake news”, until it changes from “pre-advised” they haven’t actually shipped anything yet.