Do you know of any collecting service in the UK?

Do you guys know any paid service in the UK that can pick-up an item from people who only accept collecting from their address, basically they do not offer
shipping at all withing the UK.

I think you can book a courier to pick it up - try parcel monkey, it lets you choose from a selection of couriers, will give you some idea at least.
Scrap that, it doesn’t look like Romania is an option to send to for some reason. (presumably you want it to go there?)

eBay also offers click/collect services in the UK

DPD also collects:

As far as I understand these people do not want to ship because they do not want to pack and bother with that sort of action or I am not quite sure.

I see a lot of people post ds for various things and mostly mention, Collect only, so because of that they seem to be available for sale for a long time, I guess if people in their town are not interest the Collect part is hard to happen?

Basically I would want to pay a service so they send someone to pick up a frame for example pack it and ship it themselves to me.
May seem strange, but in the days of Glovo, Foodpanda, and various other service, like buy virtual UK address and such I was wondering if such service wouldn’t actually exist.

DPD, they collect, but won’t pack an item for shipping I assume?