Do you know Why Chinese People Gift Apple on Christmas Eve?

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Although Chinese don’t have Chrismas holiday, but it is really popular to gift the Apple On Christmas Eve,
This Mornimg, when we come to work, our comany gift every staff a Red apple, glad to share the the happy with all of you
But do you know Why Chinese People Gift Apple on Christmas Eve?

Welcome to share your tradition on Christmas too or picture of the gift you receive or give

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Didn’t know about the apple, googled it and found this:
Christmas Eve is translated as 平安夜, ping’an ye, which means a safe and peaceful night. And the word for apple is very similar (苹果, píngguŏ), making it “the fruit of being safe” in Chinese. Hence the reason for sending apples as Christmas gifts.

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I’m sorry but I don’t know much Chinese beyond “ni hao” and “general cho”, but I’d like to know who’s the hot chick with the antlers! Hamina hamina hamina…

Chinese word for apple, pingguo, sounds similar to the word for Christmas Eve, pinganye.

An apple is an affordable gift as a symbol of Peace. Although Christmas is not a celebrated holiday in China.

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