Do you loan friends your top lights?

Recently an acquaintance wanted to borrow a flashlight, i didn’t want to give them one of my good lights so i loaned an old 100 lumen light i don’t use anymore and don’t care if it gets wrecked or never returned, how do you feel about loaning of your lights?

Edit: I had a bit of trouble in picking a title for this thread, i mean top lights as in anything li-ion powered or high brightness or expensive


Generally, no not top lights since they are 18650, and I don't entirely trust them to not screw up.

I specifically have ~5 lights for no other purpose than to loan out in case asked, which I know are reasonably reliable, but I won't care if they are lost, damaged, etc, and run off of regular batteries.

Most my friends know I’m OCD about keeping everything clean and in mint condition so anything that I give away most likely will come back unharmed otherwise it will be them who is harmed.
But yes, I loan out my big lights to my friends :slight_smile:

I have loaned out good lights, but only to those who know what they have and respect the power source. Also they only need them for a day, so no charging. I drop in protected cells for the loan period.
As far as getting wrecked, with the exception of obvious shelf queens (I don’t have many) I don’t worry too much about dings and scratches. No intentional rolling down driveways or 5-story drop testing though :wink:

i don’t expect this to happen, most people i would consider loaning a light to would not intentionally try this, but i would expect dropping onto concrete, draining of the battery, being left in a hot car, losing batteries, light going missing that sort of thing

No way.

I keep some old non 18650 clunkers around for people who want to borrow.Not many people I know really ask to borrow either so I'm safe for now.

Not a chance..

i think if i HAD to loan out a light, it would be my ZL sc600 BLF special. though i am thinking about trying to return it to ZL for an exchange, if they really live up to their warranty... then i dont think i have anything i would trust anyone but my fiance with if i was more than 10' away


Top lights never, nice lights rarely(wife only). Costco specials, all the time.

glad to know i am not the only one who won’t loan high brightness lights, though the costco special is an excellent idea, can they run on nimh or do they need alkaline for full brightness?

In a word…NO. I always keep a couple of cheapo lights (beaters) around for occasions like this.
The last light I lent out came back with the lens cracked right thru. No big deal, since it was an old one, and I hated the tint anyway.

I have some friends I wouldn trust a glow stick with then there are friends that nothing but the best would it might open their eyes up to my addiction oops hobby...

No frigging way! :expressionless:

I have loaner lights for that! :bigsmile:

I used to. Not my top one, but I lent out my modded HD2010 to a friend who lost it camping. Sad part was it took me a few weeks to realize it wasn't around the house and remember I loaned it. There went ~$50.

Side note, built a 2D XP-G Mag for my parents. Alkaline batteries leaked in the tube so they threw the whole thing away before giving me a chance to salvage the H22A heatsink and LED :(

Top lights? I wasn’t specific enough the first time. I would not loan out top lights, like D40A, EA4W (I’m scared to use that one, silly switch), BTU Shocker, ArmyTek anything (even though they can take abuse), OLight, and monster Trustfires. The cheaper EDC sized and single cell lights could be loaned out for day-use.

one does not often need lights during the day :stuck_out_tongue:

Only my i2 can be borrowed, and for 3 minutes or so.