Do You notice anything special?

Solarforce P1

it looks like there is a detent where the head threads on to the body. Stops the head coming loose, and eliminates the risk of overtightening and popping the polymer threads?

The head of it is green, while the rest of the light is brown.
Host is “new” from Solarforcesales yet from the blister pack, you could easily tell it has been opened before.

New granite counter tops?

Not new… :bigsmile:

Just look at it as camo with OCD. :bigsmile:

I want a P1 that has Digi camo like this!

Rare! Collector’s Edition! BNIB! I’ll give you a zillion dollars for it!

(Seriously, though, I’m always amazed at what slips through. I just got drapes instead of jumper cables from Amazon!)

First off, WTF?? Dark vs. Darker?? Can’t really see what you’re showing us…

Using my imagination plus the text descriptions, looks like Foy had the opposite problem:

… Maybe you guys could Lego parts?

I wonder if the flame-retardant is UV sensitive. Or could be different batches.