Do you use a bidet? If no, why not?

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Can’t use one if I don’t have one.

I have an inexpensive one that attaches to the water line and on top of toilet seat. They come to $30 bucks but there’s more expensive and luxurious ones with heated water.

I can definitely see the benefit of adding water to the process of getting the butt clean. But can you elaborate on the procedure you use? Do you just spray your butt to get it wet then wipe? Or maybe a couple iterations of spray/wipe? Or does a focused jet of water really do most of the cleaning, then you just have to dry off?

No wet butt for me

Since this is a light forum……do you use a light/mirror to inspect how well the job is done?

I’m in Germany, it’s not really a thing here.

I’ve been to Japan a few years ago, and it was pretty comfortable, you can set literally everything, water temperature, spray intensity, it was great!

At home, i dont have warm water in my toilet, so no.

Maybe in the future

Here in italy you have to have a bidet by law, so yes, and please if you don’t have one get it, you won’t regret it

The water does all the work and then it’s just drying off usually. Might take you a week or two to get used to the pressure and learn how to shift around the spray. But it’s definitely a huge improvement for only $30 bucks. The warm water ones seem like a gimmick and totally not needed.

Wow! You must be the cleanest people on the face of the earth.

I have a cheap one as well. It is very nice to be able to clean up and simply dry off. Can’t believe it isn’t standard here. Without it is like wiping peanut butter out of a carpet with toilet paper. I’t take a bidet over that any day.

No, because I rent an apartment with a puny toilet bowl. There is simply no real estate for one. I acknowledge the inferiority of the dry wipe and shower daily.

I mean, we kinda are.
Try a bidet if you can, the difference is night and day

Don’t use one because I don’t have one. I shave, shower and change every day, so I don’t feel I shoulde have one. A typical Dutch toilet is about the size of a phone booth. There’s room for a throne to sit upon and a sink to wash your hands. And you need to be rather lean and flexible to operate both without getting bruised, if I exaggerate a bit.

Yes, and never going back. Feels great being clean, not to mention getting clean with a bidet is faster and less hassle than using TP.

Bidet seats are affordable, easy to install and use, and take up no extra space.

The basic non-electric model I have can use both cold and hot water, but I didn’t even bother connecting the hot water line. Surprisingly, the cold water isn’t an issue at all for me even in the middle of winter.

Yeahhhh, hosing down my ass with 33° water in winter doesn’t quite appeal to me.

So if I were to get one, it would need to be heated, and I only got 1 outlet in the bafroom (old house) which is in the light fixture above the mirror by the sink.

And I imagine people need to dry with TP anyway after using one, no? ’Cause who wants wet-ass when walking around afterwards?

Thanks for ruining PB for me forever.

Duh, you use a BLF Q8 Pro for quick dry… Now it’s a place where the sun Does shine……………

Ground water is the same temp year round so it’s never been an issue for me. Maybe NYC is different though? I heard you guys have old wooden water towers on top of every building.

TP is still needed but amount and time is highly reduced. Just 1 wipe to dry once you get the hang of it.