Does a light like this exist ?

Hi there

My klarus mi x 6 sort of died recently and i’m on the market for a new aaa light to wear around my neck.
I’d like the following features :
-no pwm
-current controlled
-clicky tailswitch
-glass window
-aluminum body anodized or bare
-no blinky modes or well hidden
-last used output memory or low-med-high
-long runtime favorized over output
-floody beam, orange peel reflector or frosted lens either is fine

Thanks for your time☺

Manker E01 _E02_hits all those except clicky tailswitch, it has a clicky switch on the head. It has blinky modes but you have to double click to get there and then click again. It is low-med-high, and has last mode memory, depending on if you click short or click long to turn on. You did not specify, but this is a L shaped light, not standard flashlight.

Sorry to correct but that is Manker E02 :wink:
Manker E01 is a twist head light!

I don’t know if these sweet all the characteristics you asked for (some have twist heads, some have blink modes…) but you can take a look at them :wink:

- Thrunite Ti5T

- Fenix LD02

- Securitylng Penlight (I put the link here because I can’t find a designation for you to search: Page Not Found -

- Tank007 E09

- Lumintop Ant

- Lumintop Tool

- Manker E01 and Manker E02

- Astrolux A01

  • Jetbeam - U

And you still have the Klarus Mi6X, as yours :wink:

Hope it helps! :+1:

oops, good catch . . .

Securiting Penligh look like the ThorFire PF03 (can’t say who did it first)

Hello and thanks for the recommendations!

I didnt considered an L shaped light but i really like the idea now it has clicked in my brain, in fact i overlooked the manker e02 because i saw it as a headlamp and thought i would instead get a zebralight aa.
I really like the moonlight mode and the nichia option is nice plus the red anodized one is cute :smiling_face:
Given the price i could even think about frosting the lens if i want a more diffused beam as long as the bezel isnt press fitted.

Unfortunately i dont want a twisty anymore and particularly the mix 6 because it lacks a spring and uses a tiny pronged ring subject to crushing on the long term, that’s how mine died in about 5 years, i also nearly lost the head a few times…

I’m gonna take a look at lumintop too as it’s a brand i only heard of recently and some of their lights are really gorgeous design wise!