Does anybody Know something abaout TrustFire CREE XM-L T6 LED Flashlight Torch 6000Lm 5 x T6 LED


I found this light today, anybody heard about something, at least I could find nothing in the forum

Here is the link



Most around here are a bit gun-shy, since it appears to be a clone of the SkyRay.

SkyRay is almost a curse word, as in "I just stepped in a big pile of SkyRay," or "learn how to drive, you dirty SkyRay ! "

Yes, to be more specific, at least one of our members has (had) a fried Penta XM-L Sky Ray. So I would avoid the Trustfire too, as it looks to be a clone of the Sky Ray. And I would especially avoid it from BlueLans, as they send shills over here to spam BLF all the time.

So you think it is a Sky Ray not a real Trustfire product. I never had a problem with a trustfire. I will avoid this torch

as soon as manafont sell the trustfire version ill buy it and reveiw it

How can we not get rid of sanseven? He is a blulans shill and this is a spam post from a blulans shill.

I want to know if shills have to take a rudimentary IQ test to get their job? I bet you that if they fail the test, they get the job.

mark his posts as spam and we will get rid of him sooner or later.

Oh I do, I just hope everyone else does too!

I just deleted Sanseven and all of his spam. Word to the wise: Avoid B l u e l a n s . c o m and all of their filthy business practices.

I am just a normal bloke from New Zealand who doesn't know anything about bluelans com.

Get a life people I am not a spammer. I own a 3xt6 trustfire and saw this add.

I am open for apologies.



Has anyone accused you Jorg? Who's paranoid? Lol

Chill, welcome.

I did accuse Jorg of spamming and I stand by that accusation because the same scenario always happens around any post sanseven responds to. He is dormant untill a blulan spammer makes a post then it is spam tag team. EVERY POST sanseven was involved in WAS SPAM and had links to blulan. If I am wrong…which is very unlikly, I will offer an apology post just for you Jorg to “restore” your reputation! Untill then I suppose you will either hate me and BLF or hang around and post something not spam and I will post my apology. I will hand it to blulans they do have better english than most spammers but you can still catch it if english is your native to tounge.

*until, *unlikely, *native tongue. No offence meant, but everyone makes mistakes, although not everyone is a spammer ;)

One of the few things that annoys me about BLF is the tendency to pick on non-native english speakers as spammers just based on their ability to post grammatically correct sentences..

Well i am typing on my phone and I dont proof read every post nor am i a professional writer. But i am a pretty good speller. If i had proof read i would have cought the extra L i typed which is a mistake i make when i dont look at the words as i type, and the missing E was obvious. Yes i even know where an apostrophe belongs but it is alot of trouble to make things perfect on a phone.
If you had read the content of my post it would have been clear that me calling Jorg a spammer was not based on his grammer or spelling. I will have to say though the spammers do usually have a typical style of writing that is generic and follow the writing style that the vendor websites follow so I would say observing the way a post is wrote is a legitimate clue in identifying spam post although should not be the only reason to call someone a spammer. We have quite a few eastern friends on here and as far as I know no one has called them spammers. Redforest UK, I have never really noticed anyones grammer being brought up to question them being a spammer but I could be wrong…but I would say I have read enough of the spam post to know Im quite sure no one has been wrongly accused.

everyone is spammer

I just brought one, it was $8 usd cheaper then the bluelans one and its from a trusted seller.

TrustFire TR-J12 Cree XM-L T6 5-LED 4500-Lumen 5-Mode Memory Flashlight - Black Aluminum Alloy Finish (3 x 26650/3 x 18650)

As soon as it get,s here ill do a review and some long run time test, range test, current draw and i might even have to pull out the lux meter.

Hopefully everybody knows I am not a spammer. If I make a spelling mistake that is possible because German is my first language. You are more than invited to answer in German and I make the corrections like a school teacher. By the way I bought the new trustfire TR-J12 from DEAL EXTREME and hopefully get the thing earlier to New Zealand than you around the world. If you want I can write a non technical review mostly comparing it to other torches I own.



do want, thanks

+1 on the report