Does anyone else "age" flashlights?

I have a lot of flashlights, but the keychain that use AAA batteries are especially abundant in my collection; I like them because you can always wear one without feeling it and they are the most affordable.

Now, my problem is that I keep most of them flawless (and with hardly any use); and I usually use only a few; and, of these, several have very scratched anodizing; Well, the kind that I usually use, sometimes I put a couple of them loose in my pocket, in addition to the one on the key ring, so that they rub and wear more the anodized one and thus take on patina and an old look.

My question is: this anomalous and pathological behavior is only mine, right? Has something similar ever occurred to or crossed your mind? :laughing:

You’re not alone…

…heat shrink tubing on my i3 eos.

Closest thing to this I do is intentionally carry the same edc for months at a time to make sure it has an edc look. lol. I don’t know why, but I like most of my flashlights to look “mint” even if they’re older, but I have a real problem with an edc light that looks brand new. EDC’s shouldn’t look brand new IMO. :smiley:

You’ll get over the wear ’n tear of the EDCs. It’s inevitable…

If your OCD is strong, you can heat shrink, or keep a pristine copy in your collection.

It is a comfort not to be the only one; also, with so many flashlights at the end it is impossible not to try experiments

In more than one case I have two of the same, for now it is the only palliative

Sounds like you just carry too many lights. Other option is raw aluminum.

i don;t see any reason to do that!

Just get two of everything, One for a self queen and one as a daily driver. =D

I was on antidepressants for months when I saw my Xeno’s O-rings getting gummy and worn.

I’m off them now, but I still cry myself to sleep sometimes when I think about it.

It’s pretty normal.
In the other side, keeping flashlights in the drawer to keep it from scratches is normal too.

Wellp, anything that I EDC is either holstered (bag, former carry) or clipped inside a pocket with nothing scratchy inside the same pocket (current carry).

Only my old bobofett lights got beat to Hell just by looking at them wrong. No ano, just paint, flaked off with any contact.

Some people wanna hammer nails with their lights, have at it. Me, I take care of all my tools.

It is a contradiction to keep many flashlights in perfect condition and to brush (unnecessarily) some to age them, but I can’t help it. All the ones that I intentionally touch I have in duplicate except my Fenix E05 27 lumens, and this one I can no longer duplicate.

I also have a couple of sofirn C01S in raw aluminum, I still don’t know whether to polish them or put them in the key pocket …

I am new to flashlight collecting but when I was a child I used to do what you are talking about with rocks and coins..

Since I was collecting coins I used to intentionally "age" them if they were too perfect. That way I felt as if I spent more of my time with them so to say..