Does anyone have any info on this Tank007 light?

I found this light while browsing cnqualitygoods and am very interested in this format with 2x18650 and its slim design. Has anyone else seen this light available?


Found it at Golden Gadgets. It's a pretty neat light. $69! But they seem to have a 15% off code that they advertise in their banner. They have a shorter version (2xCR123A) for $59 called the PT11.

Seems expensive even for a tank...

I agree... far to much money for Tank quality. Besides, who would need that much battery capacity and weight in a host for a LED with such low vF? 1 x 18650 seems optimal for the XP-G. My vote is for a P60 based light.

Thanks for the input and help guys! Ya, thats a hefty price, I was hoping it would be much less than that!

You do get what you pay for ..What i like about TAnks is they are tough..i'm becoming a much more tactile buyer these days and supreme fit and finish iwth high quality is ALL i'm interested in .. Budget is just price ..when it becomes carp.....go fish

sorry ....never seen this light anywhere else

DD has this light for around $44. I'm curious but I'm not sold yet. Even though all of my two or three Tank lights have been well built, forty bucks plus isn't exactly budget territory for me.

I know it's a long shot but has anyone bought one since April? There doesn't seem to be much information on the web at all. I guess I could buy another large light, get another Klarus or even *gasp* not spend my money like it grows on trees... For some reason, I'm in the mood for side-clickies. Must be the eggnog. :D

This was on the daily deals at deal extreme a few weeks ago for around 32$ I think. Or maybe it was the single 18650version.


After sleeping it over, I decided that $44 is just too much. I think I could have convinced myself that $32 is a good deal for a Tank light (even more so if it's properly regulated, really has a coated lens and, hey, it has a side clicky so it might actually be worth that if the fit and finish are up to par) but I think I'll just hold off on buying another light for now.