Does anyone have the following D/C sized flashlights?


(C sized)

are they easier to mod than a mag? just curious.

if you have them throw up some shots of the guts!

I have some Tenergy D and C cells sitting around, and would like some good modable flashlights for them.

3 Cell or bigger prefered.

no 18650 comments please, i already have loads of 18650 powered lights, these are to be powered by either 1.5V alkaline OR 1.2V Ni-mh

considering selling some of those 18650 lights lol.

basically i want a large flashlight thats easy to mod into an XML or even an XP-G.

zoom isnt necessary (loss of light occurs) but is not discounted either

must have a side click button. a flashlight of these lengths with tactical switches make no sense