Does Anyone Have the SkyRay S2?

I was looking for 26650 hosts, and I came across the skyray S2. I like the fact it has a side switch, but I am unsure of the internals.

If anyone has one, can you tell if it has a pill?

I did a search, people have talked about getting them but no reviews yet

I think the group buy on Sky eye/trustfire ( a 26650 light) for $10 is much cheaper and have no pill :smiley:


Sorry - seems it's a pretty rare light. I and couple others have the FandyFire K2 or equivalent and I'm very impressed with it - side switch 26650, very close to this form factor, but I'd say the K2 will be a better quality light. Here: and here: and here:

FastTech seems to have the best price of the major resellers: