Does anyone know what this LED is?

I searched for the name but couldn’t find it, as the search returns only flat domed Cree (XPL XHP HI)

Outwardly, 4 wires resemble Luminus SFT, but here the silicone is transparent and the chip is round. The maximum current is 7 amperes, not bad enough, but the efficiency and manufacturer are unknown.

I bought a couple of cheep zoomies for two relatives to play with.

I noticed the zoomed in beam was circular and found the same sort of led.

Doesnt say which it is but must be a cheapish new one.

This advert calls it a p50 lol.

£28.13 49%OFF | Super Powerful Led Flashlight P50 High Power Wick Torch light Type-C Rechargeable Flashlight Camping Lamp Support Phone Charging

Another variant of the round emitter. Not Yinding, not the same as in the Javelot (different anode mark).

Looks like a Rayten:

The description on Ali, as always, amuses the “white laser” :smiley:

Thank you, it looks like some kind of OEM manufacturer, until I find tests for it, I’ll go for SFT-40. Although it is possible that this is a good LED like GT-FC40

Thank you, that looks like it

White lazer wick no less haha.

So maybe the p50 was trying to refer to 5050 form factor.

I knew someone here must have known what it was.