Does anyone own a Zebralight SC5W MK II?

I’m really thinking of getting the ZL SC5W MKII now but I need to know about the tint. I’m not sure how I’d feel over a 4500k tint. I’m more into the 5700/5500/5000 tints. How much of a deviation is the 4500K? Hopefully someone has some beam shots so I can see. I hate to have to fork over big $ on a light I’ll end up hating because the tint is too yellow. I know about the cool white SC5 but I’m told its too blueish 6300K and it’s not as bright as the MKII models.


I played with three of them. The tint is consistent among all three but brightness may vary drastically. On this model it is more of a lumen lottery instead of a tint lottery.

In terms of tint, it’s much better than the greenish SC5c mkII 4000k XPL2 92CRI. However, there is still obvious tint shift with a slightly greenish corona and slight amount of bluish outer edge spill. But compared to a nice 4000k like the XPL-HI 5D tint or Nichia 219B 4000k, the SC5w II 4500k has more yellow and I personally don’t like any yellow or green. But I find the SC5W still acceptable and when not shooting against a wall, it is pretty usable.

Thanks for the feedback. Sounds like it’s too much yellow to my liking. I decided to pick up two CW (5800K) Manker T01 II. It seem like a pretty good light from what I can tell. Hopefully they do not have any quality control issues.

This would be my first Manker product. I certainly hope it doesn’t disappoint.

I am curious as to why there aren’t any Manker T01 II reviews yet. All I can find is the Manker T01 older model.

I don’t think they could be compared,

One has one of the better UI for a EDC, is floodier and doesn’t allow 14500 (it is the most powerful 1XAA light though)
The manker has annoying long click for OFF, is throwier and allows the use of 14500,

if Zebralight offered a XPL-HI V3 CW emitter, I would have jumped on it for sure!

The closest review I could find on the Manker was this one.

Manker T01

I hope you have more luck than me with the manker. I have the T01s which specs 400lm with NIMH but barely makes 250. However my Sc5w II makes 470lm in turbo with NIMH

I wonder why Zebralight offered a CW emitter in the SC5 but not offer it in the SC5 MK II? Personally I would have loved a 5700k tint.

The closet review I could find is this one.

Manker T01

The tint on the Zebralight SC5w II 4500k 80CRI is really not that bad. Despite how much I hate yellow and green, I would still take it over a bluish CW light. When you shine the SC5w II on objects other than a flat wall, the neutral tint and good CRI actually make things look very natural.

You are right. Though for some reason I don’t dig the NW tints much. Perhaps it reminds me too much of old light bulbs and Maglights. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like blue either. I prefer a pure white.

Edit- realised you mean the sc5w not sc5c . Still i have this 4500k xp-l2 in an sc53w body, its yellow but not as yellow as the 4000k sc5c version.

Not sure how much is relevant, but will leave the rest of my post in lol.

I had an sc5c mkII 4000k for a few months, i tried and tried to like it! The new UI is great, even the chunk of sc5c(more like a 16340 size) i liked in hand. But the beam was just too yellow, i mean real yellow.

So then i tried the sc53w, xp-l2 again but a little lower CRI and 4500k. I still have the latter, its yellow still but not as bad and can cope easier with it. Its easier on my eye anyway. Trouble is, at times the sc5c would look good, colours are good………………most of the time it was just too yellow. Why would i grab the yellow beam when i can grab the sc62d……………real nice 5000k from the luxeon T, or many nichia options………………

So I sold the sc5c mkII, pretty much gave up on it as i struggled to use it when so many nice choices(subjective). The money i got funded a minty sc62, this shows as 6300k. Now i prefer 4000-5000k, so the 6300k was simply a risk. Beam wise on this is pure white, i see no blues or off in the actual tint. Colours look fairly accurate, not washed out, but not as pumped as warmer CT lights. I can live with it far easier than the sc5c anyway, thats from a neutral guy., This cooler 6300k will work fine for me during the day type uses.

If you really want an AA fed light then sure, but if no actual reason i would seriously consider their 18650 lights. Still super compact and not that much bigger, yet so many benefits with a larger fuel tank. AA have their place, but imo their 18650 lights shine! I also find the 18650 ZL bodies feel better in hand(again subjective).

Yeah I was thinking about the regular SC5 @ 6300K but ultimately didn’t go for it. I recently started looking at the Zebralight SC600w MK IV HI for an 18650. That de-domed XHP-35 looks like an awesome choice with a run time of 2 hours! The only problem, it’s 4500K. :confused: I guess Zebralight really likes yellow emitters. If they had some pure white versions, I’d seriously consider getting one.

I wanted some great AA EDC lights that offered 400+ lumens from an Eneloop with 14500 option a plus. I decided on the Manker T01 II. Ordered two. I’ll be sure to let people know what I think of them once I get them from the slow boat from China.

I bought both the SC600w III HI (xhp35 HI 4500k), and the SC600Fd III Plus (xhp50 5000k). Both are wonderful and don’t seem yellow at all.


SC600Fd III Plus

Wow! That’s an acceptable tint! I’ll seriously think about getting one when I get the chance! The snow looks white! Love it!
I really like the bottom photo of the Plus version!

The frosted lens really smooths out the beam on the SC600Fd III Plus

Indeed it does! I don’t think I would have ever considered a frosted lens based light before. Now I’ll have to rethink that! That is impressive!