Does anyone recognize what this is?

I can’t read what it says on the handle and I hope some of you will know what this is and where I can get one. Offhand I’d guess it is some type of demolition tool. To me it’s just pure bad-ass covered in awesome and wrapped with “I gotta have one now!!”

Looks like I found it using Google image search function. What an awesome thing Google is!!

Anyway it’s called the “Trucker’s Friend” and runs around $50 from Amazon. The main bummer is the head is a lot smaller than the promo pic would have you think. Good reviews on it though.

Also one of the essential tools to survive the zombiepocalypse

Heheh…that’s where I first saw it. Lots of cool stuff pictured there. 8)

these are actually discussed on some of the knife forums i frequent. you were right, these are in the demolition tool category although this one is mostly designed to be kept in a trunk/truck. the truckers friend seems to be kinda generic to me… the way the head(its only heat treated cast steel)is connected to the fiberglass handle looks sketchy. although its made in usa and has a lifetime warranty, these types of tools are usually used in emergencies and if it breaks then it will become useless when you need it most. they also have a firefighter version.

they look similar in design to this. Sorry! Something went wrong! although the dead on’s axe is inversely recurved, which is smarter. that exposed axe edge on the truckers friend is dangerous when prying or nail pulling. this is one of the more popular cheap ones since a lot of the other cool demo gear cost over $500. usually single piece forged construction of a tough high end steel.

if you want a truly tough badass lifetime tool get a winkler or a RMJ. both are combat proven. youtube has awesome videos of guys crushing concrete slabs, or tearing open cobra helicopters with these things

oops completely forgot about ontario! $50-150ish and they have multiple offerings.
i have the sp8 in my trunk, it looks like a sharpened pry bar and will pry a door off its hinges.

these next two are on my list. the 3/8” thick 24” long rescue tool is a beast if you can swing it

anything too heavy is not good for zombies…you just need to penetrate a skull…you need to be fast and have stamina to kill the countless ones coming at you…getting tired from swinging a 50 lb bar would suck…back end of a hammer or a machete would be much better…

I didn't know you could search an image and now I have learned something new today.

Thanks Johnny!

Check out the Ontario SPAX, as well as any number of “Fireman’s Axes” available.

A “Crash Axe” is another cool tool, used for dispatching the canopy/airframe of a downed aircraft.

Wonder if it would get through customs?

Ooooooo, I like that tool. Too bad is does not have a built-in XM-L emitter, it would be perfect.

I ordered this just for fun:

Ordered on the 6/6/2012, fully shipped on the 11/6/2012 (Day/month/year)

I haven’t received it yet, but when I do it’ll sure be fun to use, although not for emergency operations such as killing zombies. Although if it comes down to it, it is light enough to swing around for some time (460g), and since decayed human flesh (or any decayed flesh) is super soft decapitation would be a breeze.
But when the zombie apocalypse comes, I’ll be looking for better alternatives… such as katanas. :bigsmile:

From what I have heard about Australian customs I'd bet they will come pounding at your door to arrest you for that. :P

Yes, but according to the description on DX “Camping is extremely fun, building that camp fire, roasting those marshmallows and drinking hot chocolate and schnapps. MMMMMM! What else could be better then a bunch of guys sitting around in the wild, boasting their tall tales of other outings or telling scary stories of wild animals and monsters in the woods, and enjoying the peacefulness of being away from the city life.”, it shouldn’t be very dangerous.

But Australian customs really are going hardcore against importing flick knives and weapons because of stupid ‘gangs’ carrying weapons around (mostly knives). If caught carrying one in public, you will be fined $2k immediately.

There was an instance where this girl was on her way home from her job as a shelf stacker, and she was caught with a box cutter and she was fined. Apparently her excuse was ‘I forgot to take it out of my pocket’. But I get her point, Australian laws are really only protecting the crazy paranoid housewives who stay at home all day anyway. Pretty stupid if you ask me.

IMO the best part of the description is "maybe you just want to look cool and pose with a sharp object when lurking about outdoors, this is the tool you should not leave home without."

HAHAHA, the Innovation Factory description says

“APPLICATIONS for use of the HRT include Chopping Drywall, Slicing Vehicle Glass, Chisel-Cut Sheet Metal, Force Windows & Doors, General Overhaul Operations, Multipurpose Forcible Entry Tool, Make Easy Inspection Holes, Pull Lathe & Wires, Glass Breaking, Striking Tool and a Door Stop. ”

A door stop?
I guess if you don’t have a rock handy , it will do in a pinch.

From the place that could take all of my disposable income:

$12.50 plus shipping.

(It does seem to be a bit smaller than the amazon one, though.)

Searching by Image will no doubt cater to your Flashaholic expeditions. I use it for everything…

It is a valid feature, when doing rescue and fire suppression inside a structure you want to make damn sure that the door (your only way out) doesn’t close.