Does anyone still use SST20?

I got some KD LUMINUS SST-20 J3 JA3 WARM WHITE 2700K LEDs for a triple S2+. The JA3 bin is supposed to be below the BBL, but they looked plain yellow to me.

So I sliced them down to just under 1mm and they turned out great - nice and rosy. And plenty bright since they can handle a high amp FET driver.

I have a Noctigon K4R in SST-20 4000k, I really like it, no green tint that I can tell even at the lowest power

I installed a SST-20 4000K from Convoy in my FC11 with a TIR, and I have a IF25A which also uses a TIR, and they are both excellent. Their outputs are very similar to the Nichia 219C 4000K as used in the Jaxman E2L, all of them are pleasant to use, no obvious green cast and I don’t consider them too yellow.

I have three MF01s sst-20 4000k lights - I remove the TIR and use them as mules for interior HDR photography.

They have all have a great hue - no green at all at high levels, just slightly rosy.

They tend to look much better than my flash pictures depending on the room.

My first SST20 was in a IF25A and it looks great. It’s creamy and just right for forest walk.
I recently bought the E07 with FA4 and it’s not green at any power level.

Most of the usage will be less than 4amp for me so there’s not a significant difference visually between the emitters. 500lumens and 800lumens is about the same unless you directly compare it side by side. In real life it’s not significant.

The green hue is a bit a distracting. depending on what your going for. it’s not great for photography, otherwise it’s perfectly usable for outdoor and general use. Importantly there’s barely any tint shift it and looks great with Zircon 802/803 without needing any diffusor. Kaidomain 2700k is yellowish but with 802 filter ( bit overkill I might add) it comes out rosier than even a dedomed 219b 3000k :laughing:

The specifications of the SST20 are still excellent - power, output, CRI, R9. The tint is just a shame, but if you get lucky you can end up with a good tint.

I managed to make one of my older SST20 lights excellent by swapping in a TIR, which seems to have lowered the DUV.


Did I miss an update? Is there an heir apparent to the SST20 for high CRI and good output?

This is entirely dependent on the bin. Hank’s FA3 bin is not green. It’s very neutral. And this isn’t my opinion, I have a Sekonic C-800-U.

I’ve had excellent success with the SST-20 and still use it in many of my lights. Is it as pretty as the 219B? Well of course not but I very rarely encounter the cat p*ss green that people complain about. Certainly nothing like the older Crees and I find it much more pleasing than most LH351D versions (although Simon’s 3500k is pretty good).

Both my IF25a and my D4V2cu are very pleasant. I also have a sampling of emitters from Convoy, KD and AE that have been very good. It remains my overall favorite emitter.

Sst-20 makes the most sense for throw while maintaining color rendering. If dedomed 519a wasn’t so pink, I’d switch to it for the purpose.

What color temperatures did you measure from Hanks FA3? In my starting post I told I measured warmer temps than they should be with my amateur Opple.

What are you using for photography? Im still searchinf for the perfect mule emitter without the tint shift.


Old, but still a thing of beauty.

I have a couple Fireflies NOV-Mu which use 21x E21A 4500K in a mule array with a 6A buck driver. It creates a very soft light when bounced off a wall or used with an umbrella. There is no angular tint shift and very slight pink tint shift at full direct drive turbo.

Unfortunately, they are unavailable at the moment. They do have a similar model (PL09MU) which uses nine emitters in a mule array with a FET driver. There are several emitter choices but no E21A 4500K.


How do the lights handle heat at higher levels?

I have no idea where people are actually finding these mythic 519a leds.

I checked Eurekatronix and they only have one flux bin in stock. And even worse, their coding doesn’t make sense to me so I have no idea what color temperature the one they have in stock actually is.

And nobody else seems to carry bare 519a leds.

So yes… I still use SST-20, since I can’t actually find this mythical alternative.

Convoy flashlight store has all high cri CCT’s available. That’s probably easiest place to buy them.

Azhu, Convoy, Kaidomain and Emisar have some.