does anything lego with GT mini or Emisar D1S ?

I’d love to add a tail switch to my BLF GT mini and Emisar D1S.

Has anyone discovered a switched tailcap that threads onto the GT mini or Emisar 18650 lights?

It’d be great to find another tailcap that simply threads on, but I realize this is unlikely.

I’ve tried tailcaps from the Kronos X6, Convoy S2+, EagleEye X6, and Maxtoch Shooter 2X so far without success.

About a year ago, I built an EagleEye X6R with a Texas Avenger driver piggybacked onto the stock EE driver. It’s still my favorite ‘pocketable’ thrower because of the dual-switch setup.

I figured I’d start with lego’ing before attempting to shoehorn a switch into the factory Emisar tailcap… :slight_smile:

EDIT: I’ve changed the title of this thread from ‘add tailswitch to GT mini or Emisar D1S ?’ in hopes of attracting some more attention.

The BLF D80 tailcap almost works on the Emisar.

It goes on a couple of turns before the threads bind.

Someone just posted a photo of their gt mini with another lights body tube & tail cap in the last couple weeks in one of the GT mini threads.
Sorry to say I can’t remember which of the threads, who or what lights parts it was…

Wow, thanks! :+1:

You’re right, Mitko posted the following photo in this GT mini thread and I totally missed it.

He doesn’t say which tube it is, but I’ll PM him now.

When you find out something that works, please add it to the compilation thread:

What Legoes with What?

Looks like Sofirn C8 body and tailcap.

Six month bump. :partying_face:

I’m still hoping to find a tail cap with a switch to put on my Emisar D1S…