Does FastTech flashlights ever go on sale, and does anyone know of a 10% or higher code?

And yes, I’m aware of the ‘blf’ 5% off code; just wondering if anyone has found a 10% off or higher discount code. Thanks in advance!


sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt… depends on the light too

it worked for me on the olight s10 baton

PRICECONTROL? You mean, or something else? Thanks.

No, I think jmpaul320 means enter "PRICECONTROL" in the Coupon Code box when you're in the FastTech Shopping Cart (click on "Have a coupon code?").

Sometimes it will give you more than a 5% discount (depends on the item).

That’s cool; good to know— thanks!

…130 reads, only 1 answer. I’ll take that as a “no” on FastTech having sales.

Fasttech has the best prices out there (and best service) their sale is only going up so I don't see why would they give anything on a discount sale or give 10+% off the price, if I was FT I certainly wouldn't do something like that. You can find identical product with bigger price somewhere else and ask them for discount and if they give you 10% off it would still be higher or equal to FT price...

To my knowledge, coupon code gives you -5% max.

No one forces you to buy from them, right, you can try to find better price elsewhere (I doubt you will succeed in that).

Cheers :)

I prefer Fasttech to continue to operate the way they have been. Visiting a store whether it's online or not, posting massive sales is gimmicky and shady in my opinion. It's designed to trick the general public to think there's deals to be had where in fact, the sale price is the same as the going rate.

I think their offer of 5% off (coupon code: BLF) and bulk pricing will keep their clients coming back.

However if they do decide one day to offer me more than 5% off, I'm in~! LOL

yeah, we all know the story about Wallbuys and their "crash and burn" policy...

they didnt burn.

we burned them.

they're probably still wondering what happened.

i once got burned too.

dinoboy. old story.


actually it was more like "hit and run" policy, but the Google Translate messed up something and that ended as "hit and stay"

so, it was a "hard way" lesson :D

Doesn’t hurt to ask; nothing to lose but more money if I didn’t. And thanks for your opinion on Fast Tech having “the best prices/service”— you know what they say about opinions, right? :wink:

"Opinion is like an ass, everyone has one" :P

I prefer Fasttechs current policy as well - consistent good prices, good selection, and good service with no tricky ‘grab-and-run’ nonsense. I try to buy there simply in the hope that they’ll be around awhile.