does good 18650's really make a difference?

ive been using black ultrafire 3600mah and blue ultrafire 2400mah for a few years now, and decided to purchase some better cells since i read that it effects the amps and so on.
i dont have a amp tester to test the amp draw and stuff, but to my naked eye, i can see any difference in terms of brightness between these new cells and my cheap old ones.

so does good/decent cells just give longer run time? they may push more amps, but what good is it if you cant even notice it with your own eyes and just by a tester.

I used to own some really cheap ultaflre cells, they were almost a knock off of knock off brands. Anyhow I didn’t notice more luminousity, greater throw or flood etc. But the run times were hugely increased and thats with some cheapie ultrafire cells “4000 mAh”. So maybe you might see more runtime of the lights with the newer cells.

You would notice the difference in multicell lights.

It depends how bad is bad cells :slight_smile:

Yes. Take it from me. I have had my fill of cheap fake ebay batteries that claim to save you money. Don’t buy your batteries off ebay. There are tons of fakes out there. I now am a believer and learned the hard way.

Panasonic protected cells are probably the way to go for the best.

I just bought 6 of the Keeppower 3400mah 18650 Panasonic cells. They are probably the best battery on the market right now.

Not only will the best batteries make your lights brighter they will give you longer runtimes. And they will probably last a lot longer as well. So you pay more up front but you get a lot more in return.

Not with the naked eye at closer ranges :

With a multimeter or at longer ranges …

Good battery VS bad …

A bad cell may discharge at 1.5A while a good one does 3.5A , Q. Do you want to discharge @ 3.5A …
Also good cells are better for Multi cell lights …

Just depends on need , and performance requirements

As old4570 said (paraphrased) depends on the led / driver requirements.

Here’s my experience.

I have Sanyo 2600 mah 18650’s and (grey & red label ) Ultrafire 3000’s.

(Single cell lights )
In my Q5 /R2 lights. I can tell no difference !

In R5 or T6 lights there is very much a difference.
To my eyes they are brighter and they do run longer with the Sanyo batteries…

Multiple cell or Multiple Led lights . I’d suggest using a higher quality cell !
The reasons for doing so have been discussed here at great length.

I have 2 of these and it doesn’t make much difference
which cells I use.

With these , It makes a very noticeable difference

SkyRay WF-666

Brinyte XML 900

UF-980l copy

This one as well !

There are many flashlights, & brands that I believe are a absolute
waste of money.
Buying a good quality battery, is not a waste…
There are some ridiculously priced batteries out there, take your time and read the reviews.

You can find good batteries at a reasonable cost.

This should help !!

Yes the difference in runtime is pretty evident, but to “see” a difference in brightness depends mostly of what flaslight you have them into.
Low power leds will show no difference, but a hot Amp-thirsty flashlight would show it big time!
There are flashlights which refuse to work with too cheap batteries.

Yes .

I’ve verified a noticeable difference in multiple lights. I normally use Eagletac 2500mah 18650’s as a “good” battery. There are better ones out there, but this one is a pretty good, reasonably priced battery. I have tested them multiple times against ultrafires 18650s - the all red unprotected ones and the red/silver protected ones. Both versions are pretty bad at getting the amps out.
As an example, I tested a C8 xml t6 recently tested. With the ultrafire, the C8 tested at 520 lumens at 30sec. and had a throw of 18,000 lux at 1m. I swapped in a Eagletac and it did MUCH better. It tested at 742 lumens after 30 sec and boosted the throw to 25,600 at 1m. So thats a very substantial increase. And it’s not the only example. Every other light ive tried is testing lower. Most a good 100 lumens under with the ultrafires. Now I never tested any lower output lights in the 100-300 lumen ranges. And at that level I doubt the battery will make a difference. But I truly feel any light drawing at least 1.5 amp would likely benefit with a good battery.

watch closely and understand sandro's video :

i saw the video for the 1st time in Changchung's post.

Probably not your eyes. It was a waste of money. Until you have your light modified or get a light that will use high amps. Then be prepared to be blown away!

ok thanks all. i guess it was worth it to invest in some xtar’s then. i only bought 4 last month to try out, and just recently purchased 2 more from steve here on the forum.

maybe thats why i didnt notice the diff. in brightness because all the lights ive tested the cells on, were all single emitter cells and single cell lights….kd c8, keygos ke5, olight m20s, hd 2010.

i do have the king, but i dont have any 4 ultrafire cells with the same amount of cycles so i didnt want to risk it.

and from watching that video, i did notice the change in brightness with the ultrafires vs those better cells that reaches above 2 amps.

man, maybe i need to buy a multimeter thingy to test my xtar 18700 2600mahs, i may have gotten fakes since i did purchase them from ebay….grreeeaaat.