Does the NCR18650GA fit in the C8?

Hey there!
Has anyone tried using the NCR18650GA in the Convoy C8? If so, how tight is it in the battery tube? I was originally going for the NCR18650B, but I realized that it was too long for my charger. :frowning: I know that on Mtnelectronics it says that the NCR18650GA’s are a tight fit, so I wanted to make sure before I made the purchase. Thanks!

Yeah it’ll fit. You don’t need the protected cell but it will work. I have an orbtronic 3100 (protected ncr18650) and it fits.
If it were me I’d just get 2 samsung 30Q’s for 2-3$ more.

So for the Convoy C8 it doesn’t really matter if you don’t use protected cells? It does have low voltage warning right? Also, what’s the INR stand for? Not really familiar with the term.

Yes a stock Convoy C8 does have low voltage warning.

INR is the chemistry of that battery.

Check this out:

Thanks a bunch! I’ll try out one of each to see which works better for me.

im curious why you would get the sammy q30’s instead of the op’s choice? i dont know much about batteries but seems 10 amps would be enough for the m8 and they have more mahs. Just curious!

I’m kinda new to this thing. Still getting down the basics. But what’s the “op’s choice?” And what “m8” are you talking about?

Price. 2 30Q’s roughly 12$. 1 protected GA roughly 11$. 6000mAh for 12$ or 3500mAh 11$.

Where do you get your batteries from? I get mine from Mountain Electronics

If you use “BLF” on the website you get 5% off, and it ships from Utah, USA. Great service and legit stuff.

The op is you, original poster, so he means the ncr cells.

Thanks for clarifying that. It justifies me as a noob. :slight_smile:

I remember the same thing, wondering what op meant, not too long ago.

m8 = mate :wink:
30q will also last longer if you decide to do 6-7A upgrade…

? 6-7A upgrade as in what? More AMC7135 chips?
Spring bypasses(something that I’d really like to do but don’t have the tools to do so yet)?
LED upgrade?

Sheesh, I’ve still got a lot to learn. :person_facepalming: By the looks of it, it’s gonna take a while before I start warming up to these things. So glad I joined the community though. Thanks guys!

You can add AMC chips sure, but not for 6-7A, that’s just painful, for that amperage you need FET driver and good battery like Samsung INR18650-25R or 30Q…
LED upgrade! sure you can do that also, dedoming or using XPL HI 4300K led…
For spring bypass you only need soldering iron and ~2cm of silicone wire…

FET driver… Does that mess up the UI? Cuz I have a Convoy C8 from MTNElec, with guppydrv firmware and a dedomed XM-L2 U2. As for the bypass, silicone wire? I’ve only heard about copper braiding or something like that.

copper braided wire = desoldering wick

Silicone wire is copper wire with silicone isolation, it’s soft so in theory should last longer than braided wire.

Any recommendations?

for what? silicone wire?

FET and silicone wire?