Does this look like a genuine XM-L2 LED flashlight?

Gotcha. It’s definitely a little brighter in the center, and I used the max lux value for the calculation, which means that actual lumens must be even lower. That seems to suggest that it is indeed a fake LED. I’ll see if I can get a better quality pic anyway.

Good to know I can at least use the flashlight with a new emitter. Thanks once again for all the help and all the suggestions guys

Well, well, well. I’ve been searching for info on that Convoy S2+ and it definitely looks like I wasted my money, LOL. It seems to be plenty floody for my needs and is supposed to go for some $15
I live in Spain tho, and I’m struggling to find it at that price here. It sells for $50 at Amazon! What gives?

I highly doubt XML2 has reached the fake pollution from latticebright yet.

I would claim the LED as real for now until some new actual clones came

but I am surely interested to see what’s under the LED star though

I can’t seem to be able to unscrew the back of this thing (the pill?)
Don’t have proper tools, I’m using my DMM’s probes LOL

The driver has no constant current control and has 5 modes:

High: 1.5A at 4.2V, about 1A at 3.7V
Medium: 750mA at 4.2V, about 500mA at 3.7V (bad PWM, I believe 200Hz)
Low: 375mA at 4.2V, about 250mA at 3.7V (baaaad PWM, I believe 100Hz)

Just in case it helps identify the driver

That looks like it could be a legitimate Cree emitter vs. one of the LB counterfeits. And yes, LB is already in the business of copying XM-L2 emitters:

In the meantime, I would concur that the host you have isn’t optimum. The S2/S2+ (Convoy series!) would be a nice option. I’m not sure where you are located, Mtn is always a good option, but if shipping isn’t convenient, this is a good option @ $6.87:
Assuming the quality hasn’t changed since I purchased mine, this is a decent quality build-it-yourself host, with a lot of flexibility.
Add a known-good XM-L2 emitter on a 16mm PCB, and a 17mm driver. The kit includes everything else you need except for the thermal paste.

Mine has this driver installed:
It’s a generic clone of the Nanjg 105c/Qlite driver, but is cheaper, and inferior in some ways, but lacks memory. I’m using it because it’s a simple no-memory, always-start-on-high driver. Medium and low are far too high (low is a decent medium) and both have visible PWM (not the worst I’ve seen). This is my winter nighttime EDC - with the earlier nights, I want to have the easy access to the full brightness without fumbling through modes and this works.

Otherwise, I’d suggest the Qlite:

…or Nanjg with the solderable-star mode selection option:

Well, I don’t have tools for DIY kits I’m afraid. I live in Spain
If only I could find something like the convoy S2 but with 26650 batteries that would be awesome. I’ve been perusing the 26650 forums to no avail.

I guess getting one of this off aliexpress is too risky, right?

Or if FT is safer…

Muchas gracias :slight_smile:

Cool colors too

More. With tint options:

Code: 6a3b61 price: 24.1% off

So the U2 is a brighter bin but the T6 is a warmer tint if I got it right… decisions, decisions LOL

I’ll need to do some more googling on LED binning and tints.

Are these sellers reliable or the counterfeit LED thing is essentially a crap shot?

See if this helps!

Is there no U2-3C variant? Looks like a nice warmish tint with the efficiency of the U2 bin
Or is tint more of a personal preference thing? I read that blueish lights are worse for color contrast

EDIT: I googled it and apparently it’s preferable to pick a slightly dimmer T6-3C

Sounds like the A8 may be the type of light you are looking for?

That’s just perfect! And apparently there’s an XM-L2 version too!

You guys are great

mann… poor dmm probes

maybe it’s time to hunt for a pair of needle nose pliers? It’s a useful tool in house

if not you can hammer 2 nails into a thick scrap wood and try to unscrew it :wink:

Thanks for the suggestion. I’m googling reviews of this flashlight and the Trustfire A8. Apparently the A8 runs at 1.2A and for a 26650 I could do with a beefier driver.
But at this point I’m considering getting a good flashlight for modding anyway, although that’s going to require a lot more googling, LOL

How about this Warsun X60 ?

According to the specs listed, it runs at 2.4-2.6A, and I guess I can always add a diffuser if I need more flood

Found this thread about the X60, apparently it has some serious design issues, sigh