Dog walking torch

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I’ve not been on here much for a while so I’m not completely aware of what new stuff is available.

Dark mornings and evening have arrived and once again I find myself having to compromise on my choice of dog walking torch.

I walk my dog generally off lead in unlit, open countryside. He can get up to 100 metres/yards away and although he always has a flashing LED collar, I like to be able to see what he’s up to.

My current ‘go to’ torches in order of preference are:-

Sofirn SP31T
Nightwatch Stalker NI40
Convoy C8

None of these are ideal.

What I’m looking for probably doesn’t exist, but there must be something closer than what I already have.

Ideally these are the features that I’d like in a dog walking torch:-

Compact size - Q8 is too bulky
Side switch - Tail switch only is just too awkward for changing setting
Ramping - Need to be able to ramp power up and down
Throw - At least as good as a HPL-HI C8
Some spill - So I can see where I’m putting my feet.

I’ve seen the Sofirn IF25A and the Astrolux EC01 and they look like they might work, but the throw of these is a bit of an unknown quantity.

What would really be ideal would be a torch with a central throw reflector/LED surounded by a few flood LEDs all working together. I don’t know if anything like this exists.

I’d appreciate any comment or suggestions.

what about astrolux mf01 mini ? even the astrolux ec01 should do the trick, it has decent throw even tho its more on the floody side and is compact.

I’m not going to be too helpful probably but I just got an Astrolux ft03 and it has/does everything you want except size I guess. If you’re wearing a coat with pockets maybe this still works?

It is a thrower but it has enough flood to see where you are walking. It has a side switch. It’s a ramping switch but if you need max throw quickly, two rapid clicks goes there directly. It has a big(ish) head but the light is comfortable to hold.

If size really is an issue, look at the Ultrafire T-50. That’s a really nice light as well, not much bigger than a 18650 battery with a head that is only slightly bigger. It has a smooth ramping side switch. It’s not really going to put any kind of concentrated beam on a dog that is 100 meters away but it might be usable for your purposes.

If you really need to tract an off-lease dog that far away I’d go with the Astrolux but if you’re just kind of keeping track/control of fairly well-behaved dogs the Ultrafire is great. It’s my most commonly used light and it’s really not much bigger than a roll of quarters (coins).

I actually bought the Nightwatch Stalker in preference to the FT03, mainly for quality reasons. The Stalker is a good thrower but it’s not got enough spill or a side switch, or ramping.

I’ll look at the FT03 again

I edited my post, be sure to re-read it and see if the Ultrafire T-50 is for you.

I think my Sofirn SP36 BLF Edition with LH351D is the best for walking. Sofirn SP36 BLF review | 5,200 Lumen flashlight |

Sofirns aliexpress store $47 with 3x18650.

Hating my FT03 xhp50.2 because of the donut in the beam, also low CRI.

Not sure you need ramping do you? Ok it might be a preference. But ultimately you are only wanting a way to brighten or dim the light.

Do you change modes much or often?

Side switches will limit options a bit. But then I’ve never found an issue with tail switches myself.

I’ve bought some new lights recently. I think for dog walking the Astrolux C8 XHP50.2 would be my pick. Hugely impressive little light.

It is a tail switch and no ramping but it has the superb BLF A6 driver, which I really like. I have it set to come on in High. And you can can via a long or short press go up and down the brightness settings.

The XHP50 puts out a ton of light too and has enough lumens to give it very good beam distance too. Plus it doesn’t over heat and is still compact enough for a pocket.

The other light I’ve bought recently is the FT03 with the same XHP50.2 emitter. This makes for a much more throwier beam profile and clearly has more distance ability. But the C8 is more than good enough IMO, at least for dog walking. The FT03 does have ramping and a side switch. But it is physically quite a bit bigger and heavier. And is unlikely to really fit in a coat pocket with ease. Meaning you’ll have to keep hold of it the entire time. I also find that the intense hotspot isn’t as nice for walking as it is a bit too bright on closer objects, like the ground infront of you.

Hence why the C8 would be my choice. Plus the C8 was only about £20-25 delivered. Making it super value for money IMO.

Review here (skip to 6m 30s for the XHP50):

BTW I have the MF01 Mini also. It too is impressive, but the light is very floody, you’ll light up a big area with it. On turbo it has impressive beam distance for a floody light. But it does run hot on turbo, so not really viable for any period of time. I think the C8 has a more balanced beam with bright spill, but still a hot spot for some throw.

Absolutely need ramping. I’m change power levels frequently and a tail switch is a pain.

My current favourite dog walking light is the Sofirn SP31T. It has a side switch but it scrolls through the settings rather than being able to go up and down. It’s just about thowy enough, but could do with a bit more spill.

Not that this is much help with the flashlight choice, this is a shot using an Emisar D4V2 with XH-L Hi V3 3A 5000K emitters.

The dog has a Ruffwear Webmaster harness with a Ruffwear Beacon light, fully weatherproof and has been great for keeping sight of the little bugger on his 100-150m arc zoomies.

emisar is also a good choice, throwy depending which led u take.

Your dog is quite close in the nightime photo. Mine would be at the point where the very dark green turns to black!

Certainly not built like Dwayne Johnson, in these kind of situations I prefer my Sofirn Q8 with a lanyard. Feels a but clumsy when in the pocket of my jack, not in my hands. Good flooder, good thrower (XP-L).

My Q8 is generally my second choice. Lots of light, not bad throw (prefer more to be honest), but just too bulky.

maybe try the emisar d4sv2 xp-l hi

My next light will probably be a XHP 50.2 3 volt light. I’m thinking the SP 33 V3. It has the choice of ramping or steps, charging, small enough for a jacket pocket, feels good in the hand and long run time with 26650. While Anduril is nice, there is something to be said for a simpler UI. I already have the SD05 with this emitter and it throws well with plenty of spill. Nice for country walks. I also have the regulated SP 33 V2 6 volt dedomed XHP 50.2 that I like. I guess what I’m saying for walking your pooch, a XHP 50.2 would be great.

What’s your budget?

The Auduril UI sounds like it would be perfect for you. It ramps up and down quickly and easily.

Astrolux offer many lights with this UI and side switches. Just pick which one appeals the most. Single emitter will offer more throw and less lumens. Multi emitter more lumens and less throw.

Really depends what kind of beam profile you are after. Or how physically small you want the light to be.

I don’t think you’ll go wrong with any of them tbh.


FT03 Mini

Intl-Outdoor and their Noctigon brand also offer lights with the same UI.

The K1 can be had with the SBT-90.2 which would make for a monster of a light
Or the Emisar D18

I don’t think you’d go wrong with any of them tbh. Build quality is good on all as is performance.

I’d second the Emisar D4Sv2 with XPL-HI’s, cracking little light. Failing that, there’s the sofirn C8F. Both have a good balance of flood and throw.

Looks similar concept to the Astrolux MF01 Mini. Just with slightly larger TIR optics and fewer emitters. I’d expect slightly more throwy beam profile, but narrower.

My concern, which is the same for the Mini. Is the only way to get the beam distance is to run it on turbo. Which means huge current draw and loads of heat. On the regular ‘high’ output (top of the ramp). The beam distance is unlikely to be that great.

Fine for walking and lighting up the immediate area in front of you. But less ideal for longer distances across open fields.

I carry a thrower along with my flooder for walks.

I figure ya always need light for immediate area and sometimes need to see much farther away.

Having just one light is either too intense close up or too weak for distance… two lights doing their specific tasks remedies this need easily.

I guess it comes from my EDC traits, I can’t carry just one light cause “two is one” is in my blood.

Edit, I’m also new here, long time lurker,… Hi everyone!

D4v2 or ec03