Decided to order some SRM knives from a few weeks ago. They arrived very fast. Discovered after a few days a factory flaw with a LB-763. Emailed Bill and told him what the problem was. He sent a message back that he would mail out a replacement…no charge. Didn’t even ask for me to send the defective knife back. Replacement arrived in about 1 week in USPS ePacket. Very impressed! Incredible service, pricing and communications.

5 stars/highly recommended!

Wow that’s some seriously impressive customer service.

Congrats on your new knife and kudos to Bill for being a great guy

Well since you said it, I went to this site. They do have good products there. I like the look of that Ganzo knife. :8)

I ordered a BlackShadow Terminator, it arrived in 10 days which is good from Singapore to QLD.
Excellent price too.

My order came pretty quick as well. Ordered a Nitecore EA4 on March 1, shipped on March 3 (didn’t ship same day, probably because I ordered during the weekend), received on March 14.

Ordered Preon P0 on Friday night, shipped Monday 18th. Arrived this morning, in just five days!

Ordered D40A NW this morning, thats like, 2.5h ago and its been marked as shipped already, whaaat :D?
Ok, lets see how fast it arrives here :D!

Yeah, it’s a pleasure doing business with Bill of doingoutdoor. Upfront type of guy, no surprises. Nice, competitive prices too. Just email him directly for your pricing concerns and special accomodations, and you’ve got business.

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Could someone Please let me know how I can contact doingoutdoor’s Bill via this forum? :quest:

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His email address is

You won’t find doingoutdoors via this forum - he’s banned.

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:arrow: Thank You VERY Much for the Greatly Appreciated info. :exmark:

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You can usually see him posting deals on cpfmarketplace.

Why was doingoutdoors banned? :quest: :quest:
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IIRC, he kept posting lots of new threads, in the wrong place, and might have been abusing PM’s too. I can’t find the thread, but he would have received a few warnings before a ban.

Shame, as he’s a good seller, with good prices & communication. Cultural differences, I think.

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Yes, he is highly recommended.

I received my D40A NW from Bill and it had couple scratches in annodization at the tailcap, obviously its not uncommon to have it on both expensive and cheap light since occassionally metalic parts bounce into each other while in production, nevertheless Bill went above and beyond to provide excellent customer service and we agreed for small amount of compensation instead of shipping tailcap back to him and getting it replaced with new one.
I decided to spare my time, natures resources(packing material, fuel spent for shipping) and be responsible, so did Bill, he refunded me 5$ which I agreed with ;)!
Both of us are happy with this resolution :D!

Also, received EA8W from him, he matched its price compared to regular EA8 from competitors, couldnt have asked more, impressive light and very good customer service!

In case I will need another light to buy, I will buy from him 100% because of high customer service and competitive pricing policy!