DOINGOUTDOOR DEAL ALERT: FireFoxes4 (FF4) HID down to $208, EDIT: $205 to European countries (Royal Post)

Another price adjustment to our European friends: FF4 HID $205, shipped, to the ff. countries: via Royal Post

Austria 、Belgium 、Bulgaria 、Cyprus 、Czech Republic 、Denmark 、Estonia 、Finland 、France 、Germany 、Greece 、Hungary 、Ireland 、Italy 、Latvia 、Lithuania 、Luxembourg 、Malta 、Netherlands 、Poland 、Portugal 、Romania 、Slovakia 、Slovenia 、Spain 、Sweden, UK

for inquiry, as usual, you may email Bill at

Do that price to Australia, I’ll put my order in now :smiley:

I think it’s only $3 more world wide other than the EU. :slight_smile:

You email Bill, but I think it’s also $205 to Oz.

Just emailed Bill, it’s confirmed. Also $205, shipped, to Australia.

$240 AUD :frowning:
Got all excited then.


Oh come on man, the guy’s got to make some big bucks, ok? hahaha

I would own one of these lights if Lips would sell it for a competitive price. He is just asking too much.

Oh yeah, the price difference is about almost having 2 sets of 4 cells of Panasonic NCR-PD cells for free!