DOINGOUTDOOR DEAL ALERT: FireFoxes4 (FF4) HID down to $208, EDIT: $205 to European countries (Royal Post)


doingoutdoor slashes down to $208, if shipped via Singpost, the price of FireFoxes 4 HID !!!

The price remains at $240 if shipped via DHL, EMS.



EUROPEAN countries(Austria 、Belgium 、Bulgaria 、Cyprus 、Czech Republic 、Denmark 、Estonia 、Finland 、France 、Germany 、Greece 、Hungary 、Ireland 、Italy 、Latvia 、Lithuania 、Luxembourg 、Malta 、Netherlands 、Poland 、Portugal 、Romania 、Slovakia 、Slovenia 、Spain 、Sweden, UK

Hahaha, love your style!
Thanks for the info Tatasal.

Pretty nice, price match Wallbuys? :smiley:

We are just beneficiaries! 8)

Crap.... crap crapity crap. My insane brain is telling me to get a second one.

My sane brain says I'm broke if I do.

If you do it I’ll do it.

hahaha….the solution is this…post # 406

It’s indeed a good deal that you can’t ignore.—9478 $208 :party:


Well, Bill has decided to join the party: they’ll both dance at $208, shipped via Singpost. Lets, dance, Bogiewogiewogie!

Hmm… where should I order?
Anyone have any RMA experiences with doingoutdoor?

Now, it comes to a point where both vendor’s ratings come into play.

You would need to mail the light back to him, and he would take it from there.

Return shipping is pricey...

Hmm… I see. Does Bill reimburse return shipping?

I know Wallbuys does, as long as you keep bugging them. :bigsmile:

No, I don't think you would be reimbursed for return shipping, but to be honest I didn't really bug him about it.

I had one small problem... it would have run me ~$40 to ship back, while a new carrier would cost ~$30 to order. So I'll just order a new one instead, and mess around with the one i have to see if I can fix it too :p

Thanks for your reply and good luck with the battery carrier. Surprised he didn’t send out out at no cost.

I’m leaning towards Wallbuys. Although it takes a long time for the RMA to come through, they do reimburse your shipping.

I wonder if Wallbuys honors the 5-year warranty.

oh man oh man….whats the kcd throw on turbo on these again…?

Over 400cd. It's in the other thread tatasal started.

It's a real monster thrower.

Well. I'm doing it. :o