Dollar Tree flashlight (short review)

I recently tagged along with my wife to Dollar Tree and noticed they had $1 flashlights. Sure, I'll bite, what will I get for a buck?
The packaging is pretty basic.
This is the back of the package. Note it says "Metallic body". BS, the entire body is all plastic.

In all fairness, it looks OK for a buck.

Three LEDs. Of course this is a simple on/off single level light.

Typical three carriage AAA holder.

Two wires come from the switch, then attach to the circuit board.

There are no o-rings.
The Texas Ace Calibrated Lumens Tube measured 8 lumens - or about 2.6 lumens per LED.

With only 8 lumens, the runtime is pretty long (over 19hrs per ANSI).

Finally, the beam pattern is rather floody and towards the cool/purple side, as is usual for lights at this price point (not worth taking beam shots).
There you have it - what you get for $1.

This is an excellent value flashlight. For $1 there could be nothing wrong with it!

Anything is better than nothing in an emergency of being in the dark. :+1: lets see this modded now with a high-current 26650 or 21700 driving triple XHP50.2s to 8000 lumens!

Eight lumens is pretty close to all those Ray-O-Vac and Eveready flashlights people kept in drawers back in the eighties/nineties. It's certainly a usable light.

I'm wondering what the profit margin is for Dollar Tree.

Did I mention they come in different colors.


usually these lights have every inside part made from tin plated steel,
and with 3 batteries in series there are about 25 pressure connections to fail (nothing will be soldered,even some ckt board parts will be pressed in),
which they do very fast


Astrolux AO1 with AAA Battery. 3 levels to 110.
BUT. If you put some of that cloudy tape over lens. it’ll be a nice spread and no eye dazzle when looking at it.

A kid small enuff to have a toy he’ll Possibly strip and put bits in his mouth Should NOT be given access to anything they can swallow. Solid or not.
He’s too young for torches.
ALL LED’s are to destructive to his eyes……
Maybe a cheap globe torch with side sw and tape over lens to calm it down a bit.
Chidren will ALWAYS find the wrong way.(to us) to use something. We have 5 kids and 11 Grandkids to 34yrs
between us. We know a little bit about it.
LED’s and Childrens eyes DO NOT MIX……