DONE, FINISHED, The TS Maglite Super Shorty Mule - Beam Shots are Up

Ok, so now I have a table full of mods to do and I'm working on all of them at the same time. Call me crazy, go ahead, it's true.

I bought a couple of the Tractor Supply $9.99 lights. One is a 3AA long Mini-Mag style and the other one is a Saik SA-305 look alike.


I've already stripped it down and cut some on it, but this was the TS 3AA Saik look alike.


I cut most of the head off and a thin section of the head to body ring off as well.


Now I have this piece left. What was I going to do with it again? and where does the Maglite come in?


Here it is... It's a Mag "D" head I had lying around. The TS light body is slightly tapered, so as you push it into a Mag head, it gets to be a tighter fit. Hey, this is going to be a real shorty!


This is where the ring I made comes in. I can screw it onto the TS body and it sits right in the Mag head. It tightens up and the whole thing is fairly snug. I will be putting in three set screws through the head and into the TS body, so that nothing will move ever again. Now for the pill.


I'm already making use of the King leds, (the LEDS I took out of the FF king clone). This is one of them. I just added some copper rounds to back the star up and since the pill screws into the body, it should transfer heat fairly well.


The bottom side holds a 2.8A driver and I am keeping the original modes. H/M/L/Strobe/SOS. I could see this light being used on low mode for a room light during a power snap or set it beside a stranded car with the SOS on, to attract help.


I think with the glass lens and a polished bezel, the head will look good.

The body and tail cap will be painted with a textured paint. Hopefully it will be another one off.


The painting is done.


I have not polished the bezel yet, nor have I cut the allen heads to length. This will have to sit for 72 hours before I do anything else on it.


The light is finished. Here's the last of the photos.


Looking into the body at the driver.


Resistance mod for the tail cap switch spring.


No mods to the battery holder.

That's it. I will do beam shots tonight and put them in Post #1.




I really like this little light!

Beam shots











I really enjoy your mod OL

is this the 32650 mod ive been waiting for!?

Do you sleep? Whats your favorite coffee? Keep it up OL. Back to work tomorrow. Have you an area where you keep all your parts? If so can you post a picture as you just seem to pull parts out of thin air. Cheers.

Updated the OP with more photos

I pull them outofmyarse,LOL.

I have some metal shelves that hold most of the components and other supplies. I also have a tool box.

Remember, you asked:







90% of the tools are all at least 30+ years old. I used to work on my own vehicles back when it was fun to set points and rebuild carbs. So I kept everything all these years and now they help a lot in the process.






I have quite a few Mini-Mags waiting for mods.






I did not bother with photos of supplies, like paint, sandpaper, adhesives, etc...

What and where did you get those 6 reflectors and how do they work?

From CNQG They fit a Maglite D head, after a little massage. One style is deep, one is shallow.

[quote] I'm already making use of the King leds. This is one of them. I just added some copper rounds to back the star up and since the pill screws into the body, it should transfer heat fairly well. [/quote]

"King LEDs"? Huh? Did I miss something?
oldbobk used to say these TSC 3AA lights made for great simple XM-L emitter swaps. I was just in TSC the other day and I saw these were marked up to $14.99.

The LEDs that I took out of the FF wannabe. I am using them in other stuff.

Ah, ok.


all those tools! Great collection! And so well organised. I am afraid I am not allowed a lot of space for my flashlight hobby, here's about the whole hobby, no expansion will be tolerated anymore (note my high degree of organisation ):

Oh man. So original. So cool. Another awesome, entertaining and genius mod. Love it! Thanks O-L!

Great mod OL with some great pics. I also store my stuff in similar containers.
With the right tools in the right hands a person can make anything, and your mods are proof of that. :wink:
Thanks for sharing OL. :bigsmile:

I'm glad to know others use those clear plastic compartment boxes for parts. I have tried now for a long while to find something better. I get tired of trying to find what box has what parts!!!! I should be smart enough by now to start with the bottom one in the stack!!!

Anyone have a better parts storage method??


Just use a black marker and label each compartment, and/or label the sides. If the contents change, Alcohol will clean off the marker.

Won’t fit a 32650 inside. Just the 3AA holder - barely at that.

They are good for XM-L swaps. Even though it’s a plastic lens and reflector, it’s an inexpensive way to have a very bright light. I hardly ever find them in our TS, they go fast, so I feel lucky when I do find one there.

Sorry the old fool being me posted this in the wrong OL thread. I have copied it here as its all still relevant. Sorry and cheers.