DongRui DR-820 - XM-L T6 Headlamp - Single 18650

Just spotted the DongRui DR-820 zooming headlamp over at Manafont. It's only $17.02, but the beamshots look horrible! Seems it has some kind of "lock-out" on the switch (the twist on-off). Also only rated 160 lumens???


All zoomies make similar beam profiles when held 10 inches off the target and half focused.

Or maybe I should say that all my zoomies does. XR-E/XML/XP-E and so on.

So those beamshots may not be a realistic representation? Good!


No they are realistic all right. But not what you are going to see when using this thing unless you hold it 10 inches off a surface and put the zoom about mid way. If you have a zoomie - and I know you at least used to if memory serves me right - you can make similar beam profiles on your desk or floor.

To make this look even more horrible they are also tilting the light a bit on the pictures. So all in all horrible pictures but realistic none the less.

Mmmmm! I can almost smell runtime!

OK, ordered one for my pal. Got permission to take pics and make a slight review before handing over :wink:

I ordered one on 8/29 I hope it’s a good one.

Ok guys, keep us posted!


Got it today!
Pics to be followed soon :slight_smile:

Sounds good :-) CheapThrills

OK, here we go.

DongRui DR-820

First impressions.

No time today to make a proper review but here are some things that caught my eye.

First thing, the beam.

Well, what can I say.

It IS THAT bad. Emitter not perfectly centered but close enough.

Throws about over 100yrds, not a searing bright hotspot but anyway, throws some.

...and in FULLY ZOOMED out mode:

Oh, Have Mercy!

Keep in mind, this is under 1 meter or 3 feet from wall.

Basically, from the reach of your arm the spot on the wall does not get larger than about a feet in diameter.

Not exactly a light for close work at all.

Some draw measurements:

High: ~1,65A

Medium: ~0,83A

Low: ~0,18A

I think it is safe to say, this is considerably more powerful, than 160lm.

Happy to say, this has not been driven to last bits. IMO not a good idea with this sort of light.

It has 5-modes sadly, Strobe after low, then SOS.

On High it gets warm on the body quite fast. Heat seems to be transferring at least at some speed.

Stuff put to pieces:

ALL Your DongRui are belong to us.

Thread on the tailcap is not the smoothest. O-ring was pretty badly placed, as was the ring below the aspherical lens.

Beams were horrible but I might say, things are getting brighter when you read this forward.

You might have noticed something nice in the previous pic already ;)

Battery sits in the minus pole inserted first:

Thanks to smart guys at factory, this can house a Xtar 18700 with ~no problem even without mod.

A thing that I previously had taken for granted...


Tailcap can be locked out. The other end can also lock out which was the reason, I could not light this up after putting into pieces.

You cannot change the side of the endcaps, though.

Light stands pretty solid on the other end, button protrudes a bit so use the other side...

From inside:

A large spring at the bottom.

Tailcap put to pieces. No soldering to be found here:

I left the spring cover off.

It eases the tension a bit and I did not see it necessary.

The pill, led has a plastic retaining ring. I was unable to remove it with ease, so at this time, I let it be.

I will probably tear it off when I start modding this.

This is what I would call a smaal Jackpot.

Not only does it have threads, it also has a basic 17mm driver board installed! Wohoo!

The pill sits here.

Threads are anodized, the sleeve of the pill takes contact to the body tube.

Notice the rings in shiny surface down there, pill´s spring takes contact there.

Let´s add a couple more of beamshots:

Hey, what the??

Does look better now, doesn´t it?

I threw the aspherical lens to bin and installed a generic P60 glass lens (Solarforce) instead of it. It is a perfect fit.

To get a better idea, how good it is now, take a look at this:

This is what I like!

Even the main beam is almost 90 degrees or more, corona is even wider.

Couple things I forgot: It has the standard PWM, which is pretty bad.

Tested it outside in total darkness, I would say it throws some 60feet at least in "Mule" mode.

For close up work, I would prefer the Low.

Head band is the basic what you expect. Rubber loops are a bit loose. Light is not rolling though, because the lens part is not too heavy.

Light itself has heft in it. You can feel your head wanting to tilt forward, weight might stress your neck a bit.

I think I might:

- Switch the driver for a 1.4A 3-mode. This would also make a good long runner with 2-modes and about 0.8A at high, far less on Med.

- Neutral tinted emitter ;)

-Thermal paste, check if LED has it and apply also to threads.

This is a light, that sucks. For me, the beam is just so horrible. For the price it is bearable.

If you NEED a flooder headlight and you can cough up 1$ for lens, Bingo!

If you can do simple modding, the price / quality -ratio rises in my eyes even higher.

Looks nice with the new lens, and also good to know it is a 17mm driver.

I like the headband, looks like more comfortable than the ultrafire one, and with the strip on top should reduce the bouncing effect when walking or running.

I'm amazed.

Not because of the fact, that this has an R5 and not XM-L.

Not because I did not notice it in first place, but because of no one of the pro's in HERE did not notice :)

I did not pay attention too much after getting that lens of, maybe I was too exited taking pics ;)

Oh bummer... Could really have been a nice one with XM-L...


That was a great review on this headlamp. I got mine a couple days before you and I was trying it out before I gave my thoughts. I did try the other lens like you did but I like the factory one better. I think it’s a very nice headlamp for the money.

rikr: was Yours with XM-L or R5 LED?

It’s a R5

Really? :open_mouth: Got pics without the lens?
I took contact with Manafont, I cancelled my second order…

Sorry, I just looked at it again and it’s a R5… After you said that I never looked before. Let me know what Manafont says about not being a XM-L

Manafont is willing to refund this one when shipped back. Seems like they will cover shipping.