(Don't buy from this guy) XM-L U2 26650 $10.62 (was $6.62) and Jacob A60 for $11.68

Price for the 26650 is raised up to $10,62.

Was thinking about ordering a 2nd one. :expressionless:

Thanks, I’ll update the price.

The now $10,62 26650 flashlight from ali express seems to be very similar to this one from Aurabuy.
Also found another 26650 flashlight of the same kind at Lightmalls.
Both Aurabuy and Lightmalls take Paypal.

$12.99 @ Ebay


dang it… i should have grab it when it was under $7…oh well…

just when I thought I had GOOD deal :

aliexpress.com My Orders | Help | Buyer Protection

Dear Ray
You have a new message from AliExpress supplier Service Halui.
Service Halui: The product (“Portable Cree XM-L U2 LED 2000 Lumens 5-Mode White Light Waterproof Flashlight (1 x 26650) - Black”) was sold out and our store don’t sell it anymore. Please cancel the order and you will get back your payment in several days.

Sorry for your order.

Professional Flashlights & Lasers Store.

Bummer. Thanks for the heads up.

Got the same message about no stock. Oh well.

They canceled the order on the 26650 and asked me to hit the button to delay the shipping on the Jacob and I replied that I was no longer interested in doing business with them.

Sorry for pointing this guy out.

No need to apologize 18sixfifty. Aliexpress will get us refunded. We all know the risk we are taking with these deals.

Sometimes we gets chickens, sometimes we gets feathers.

…great. I haven’t got a message… I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing at this point.

Maybe you got the last of the stock. Seems worth waiting a bit.

I just logged on and had the out of stock message. I put "Seller refused to ship order (paraphrased)" as the reason. I wonder what the deal was with jacking up the price first. We definitely need to not give this vendor any more business.

Who knows maybe they had a few of them and when they sold at the higher price they canceled the orders on those of us who ordered them cheap. They canceled my order for the 26650 and I was the first one here who ordered. Also they sent me a message on the Jacobs saying they were out of stock because it’s a good seller but if I hit the button to wait longer they would find one and ship it. Well I don’t really want a Jacob that much anyway, it was more of an afterthought. Plus like you said, I would rather not give him any business.

What method did you guys that got cancelled pay?

Mastercard for me.

Me too… Well, they have 30 hours to ship until it is auto cancelled anyway.

Mastercard. Not concerned at all. Aliexpress is a first class organization as far as I'm concerned. Never had a single problem that they didn't make right for me.

I got the canceled email too, paid with Visa. It was going to be my first 26650 light. I’m glad I didn’t already order any batteries. I’ll stick with my 18650 lights for now.