(Don't buy from this guy) XM-L U2 26650 $10.62 (was $6.62) and Jacob A60 for $11.68


Of course this is ali-express and this is a new company so order at your own risk and keep an eye on it.

They also have a Jacob A60.


I ordered one of each and I’ll let you guys know how it goes.

Is the one that mates perfectly to the DST, to make the DST a 26650 Torch.

EDIT: I have one, and it is the right one that screws into the head of the DST

EDIT 2: It draws 3.5 amps at the tail on a Sony 26650 VT as it comes oem

I don’t know, it would be cool if it did.

You know…the last thing I needed was to see the A60 back on sale… :zipper_mouth_face:

Bought two more 26650s, best light for the money without a doubt.

do you know the tint of the (magical 2000lm) emitter?


I want them both.


2000 Chinese Lumens, about 800 Real Lumens, nice torch for the money, I bought 2 more, and have one already, but, it is a nice torch, really.

Oh I see, I didn’t realize how Aliexpress worked. Its basically like amazon in that they compile tons of sellers in one place.

What would be the best way to protect oneself in going through with an order via this new dealer? It doesn’t look like they accept paypal.

I take it they don’t take PayPal. I don’t like to spread my credit card # so far from home.
THE RUNNING MAN asked if it was safe? So is it OK (safe) to send my card #?
Is there any other way to pay that doesn’t cost extra?

Thanks All

The thing with aliexpress is that their sellers are sometimes hit and miss. However, aliexpress holds the money and it doesn’t get released to the seller until you get your light and confirm it. I have bought hundreds of items from ali-express over the years and never had a problem with my card. I have had a few sellers that were flaky and didn’t send items or tried to send the wrong items. So basically the only real chance you are taking is tying your money up for a while.

Yea, I went to Wells Fargo and got a Limited Debit Card. I only keep a few dollars in it until I buy something. I open up the Wells Fargo Account Page and move enough to cover my purchase, then do the order. It is set up that it can give out no more than is in it, so if somebody hits it for like a hundred dollars, WF declines the request, very cool account for online buying. I never use my large debt/credit card for online stuff.

Cool, I might just have to order and extra, for that price it’s hard to go wrong. The last really good deal I found on ali-express I waited until it arrived to share the deal with everyone and by the time I got it their price jumped way up. So I thought this time I would just share the deal and let the buyer beware.

just when i thought i was getting out of this flashlight hoarding business… you guys pull me back in with these cheap deals… sigh… :weary:

I’d take one if they did PayPal. :frowning:

Newbie question. What are the pros of using 26650 (in comparison to 18650)?

More capacity

Nice finds. Thank you for reporting 18sixfifty.

Guess that’s where fatso - 26 vs 18 - comes into play. Thanks.

Also American Express is not accepted.