Help Me Decide on a 26650 Light

1) Easy(HARD!)
2) Tmart
3) Lightmalls

They all crapped out on me or flickered.

I believe you were unlucky, HD2010 is one of the best budget lights out there.
I own Trustfire A9 which is 26650 and might suit you. Also search for Palilight, they offer some 26650 models. Hope I helped you a bit.

Thanks. This search is expanding with nearly every post!

you should consider XinTD X3

convoy l2, great build quality and moddable.

Absolute best bang for the buck IMO assuming you can find someone to do a simple bore out of the switch end of the tube, is the DST.

You don’t have to chop it either of course to gain the best of a few battery configuration worlds to boot plus that big reflector gives you so many options.

Can’t say enough good things about this or a similar setup.

Citycat M6?

Since that has an integrated pill, a replacement pill would be huge and very expensive. There isn't a thermal path with the X3 is already quite good aside from a little dip in the middle. The main benefit for a new pill would be if it was redesigned to allow the use of protected 18650 & 26650's, or if it had a hole and plug to accommodate the use of a side clickie.

Oops. Wrong thread.

Yes, the X3 is a nice light. I have one. I'd buy an updated version if it accommodated protected cells, and then I'd buy a third one if it had a side clickie that still used the Qlite driver.

+1 to this ^

the x3 is minor developments away from being perfect.

I would add to the above, make the body tube 34mm id and 70mm internal length, it should then be possible to take 4aa/32650 protected cells and 26650/18650 with appropriate sleeves, side clicky would be easy to implement with a qlite but would add a little overall length, the trade offs for the above would make it just about the most awesome light available in this class.

3.5 amp at the tail on a Sony 26650 VT

I need 3 of those Flomotion, I could strap them together for 12,000 lumens of light! :slight_smile:

Chinese Looomens real about 800, hey, I was impressed for the money, nice gift to yourself. I find myself actually using this torch for actual use, it is a good combo light.

I just recently ordered the Raysoon F13, plan to mod it into a useable daily use light. Have a couple of 26700’s I need to put to use, hope they fit (if not, I’ll make em)

Well, well, I just put my Moli 26700 in it, perfect fit!

Couldn’t resist at this price. Just ordered. It’s gonna run a Kong. 3.5 amps would give over a thousand lumens at start! I’m hoping I get that.

Now that…is some serious Flow Motion!!! Sweet! Thanks Flomotion, appreciate ya checking it. :wink:

the DST, now with this timely 26650 tube that mates with the head you can have it even better.

Plus now you have that extra XML-U2 & its head to mate back to the original DST tube on top of it.

A very compact DST running on a 26650 for a mere extra $6 and change. You put in the driver you like too.

I mean if I had to settle for one 26650 setup as you state there’s nothing out there for the money that comes close.

What’s not to like? :bigsmile:

Plus now you have that extra XML-U2 & its head to mate back to the original DST tube on top of it.

I did that, but there is no switch in that configuration

If the 26650 tube screws into the DST head then doesn’t conversely the DST side clicky attached to the DST tube screw into the 26650 XML-U2 head as well?

Granted you lose the DST side clicky with this setup but you should also have a shortened setup with just the 26650’s tail switch, no?

Edit: Anyone know if my thinking here is incorrect? I still bought one anyway. :bigsmile: