Don't dedome an XML

Once upon a time Louis...

PPL was bored so dedomed him(from a cheap 504b ..was cheap 14$, now is a steal xD)

here the poor Louis XVI, he lost some phosphors how you can see on the next photos

I put some heat sink coumpounds around flashlights "critical" on heat dissipation

I used a cheap camera but f-stop, iso and exposition are constant, trying to give the idea of what I see

Dedomed xml w/o reflector, you can see what mean "lost some phosphors"

a pure flood of 179degree, btw also with the dome the leds are very flood, especially xml

down with the reflector

lost 30/40% of the original lumen, but the color is perfect to grow weed xD

next the same flashlight(I have had 2 same) w/o castigation, to give you the idea of light lost

Don't try this at home!

...moral of the story? Be less curious and lenient xD

Well, without curious minds we would probably still believe that a burning stick is the most advanced way to light up the night. ;)

Thanks for posting!

don't feel bad, I've done it

I also sliced one off with a razor about 1/2 mm above the phosphor (I had dinged the top of the dome and polished the ding out but the imperfection still warped the beam)

the latter would actually be an ok mod if you just had to have as massive a flood angle as possible, but you have to be very skilled to get a clean flat slice...otherwise you'll get artifacts

dedoming louis out of boredom. sacrilegio¡¡

but that did not happen in Italia!


even though not an infant anymore xD i still **** bugs out of boredom. and often i would use my flashlights for the hunt J)

Thanks for sharing MixoMaxo

ty I don't regret xD was joking about curiosity that is the wheel for the progress

haha kraisler you know italian words?

you can still fry bugs with a 3watt laser xD guys wont even imagine how much damage and victims(ofc not just bugs) can do him with such toy, fortunately is illegal xD

Does anyone have a good picture of a naked (no secondary optics, reflectors etc) XM-L with the dome intact? Perhaps I'm searching for the wrong term but I'm actually having trouble finding anything like that.

If you're wondering why I want one, I'm thinking of making a a room light using an XM-L so I want a wide beam angle. I was thinking I'd need optics but I'm now realising no optics will likely give the widest beam and most flood, perhaps all I need to do is diffuse the beam a bit. At least if I'm not willing to spend a lot of money for some fancy specialised optics (well I haven't found anything but I'm guessing something like that exists). I'm a bit reluctant to try cutting the doming since I don't thik I'd succeed.

Cree do

You are not the only crazy guy who tried it haha, I did it too, and mine lost 100% of the phosphor, it is an annoying blue haha:

I discovered a method, completely by accident, that de-domes the XM-L while leaving the phosphor intact.

If you crush the dome with just the right pressure, it leaves the bond wires and all of the phosphor intact.

I'm waiting for the LED seal to dry, and I'll try it out with a lens.

I never thought of doing it that way, nice accidentaly finding Chicago X!!

Any pics of it?

Thanks but rereading my comment I phrased it poorly. I'm actually looking for beamshots of a naked XM-L not just a picture of the LED which I believe is what you meant is on the Cree site? I guess you can simulate it with the optical source info, unfortunately a bit out of my league.

Ah, I thought you meant a picture of the LED.

I can remove the reflector from an XM-L dropin and do a beamshot of that.

My F15 does candle mode. I will try to take and post a beam shot for you tonight unless someone beats me to it.

With a reflector

Reflector removed in ghetto flooder style. This was actually one I did for something else and is not the dropin used.

Both shots are at about 60cm (2') from the ceiling. To get all the beam in I had to move quite a bit farther away. I'd say the beam was about 160-180 degrees.

This is what I pictured of a dedomed one, maybe it suits what you need..

Today i have accidentaly dedomed xm-l

This will be hard to re-solder

i hope the last wire isnt broken

Ever try gasoline? Works wonders! :slight_smile:

Wondering why do you guys kills poor XML's in weird dedoming processes, when just sinking them in gasoline (normalissima benzina verde, for the italian Mixomaxo ) overnight, will totally dissolve the bonding between dome and die, and the dome will cleanly float away from the die, leaving no traces nor damages. No damage to power wires, no damage to phospors, nothing. Just blow them dry and ready to go into flashlights again.

Lots of threads here explains this in better terms, it's really that easy.

I thought a bit of heat will do the trick, but it did not turn out as expected. I already planned to replace it wih Xm-l2 any way.

Idea: Apply clear lacquer coat after dedome. then phosphor will preserve