Dorcy Poly Cyberlight 180 lumens, $17.53 US only

Probably not the most popular light among flashaholics, but the thing is actually close to 180 lumens and will throw 100 yards. If anyone needs a poly this a great price for a basic one mode.

I have one, it is a very nice thrower; tight beam and long battery life on 4 AA's.

I got mine at Sears as well...

Wow 159 of the 189 reviews gave 5 stars. Must be a nice light. Would there be a difference in alkaline vs nimh output?

If the lumen output is as claimed, then it will almost certainly be brighter on NiMH - the internal resistance of alkies does show up in higher current lights.

I have one of these, somewhere. Decent light, nice that it runs on an even number of batteries. Large, though.

It's dorsee, although some of their lights are definitely dorky.

Be careful with your Dorky; Some of us were born with just one.

OK< now you're gonna make me try it on Eneloops, aren't you.

Yes, maybe a little brighter, but hardly enough to notice. The Dorcy has the tightest hotspot of any of my lights.

Good spill, but very defined hotspot. And seems like the light weighs almost nothing.