Double lens flashlight with XM-L and big head at kaidomain

I have just seen this one, it says it has two lenses, I haven't seen any other before.

I do not see two rings as on a reflex camera zoom where you can adjust the zoom and the focus.

I feel even being able to do it, it might have much light losses, but I like the idea at least.

I presume that the idea is to make a zoomie water tight?

Or am I still uhm.. in the dark here?

Looks like a pre-collimator. They claim the lenses are coated but of course the pictures aren't good enough to show any real indication of that. I wouldn't hope for an actual decent ar coating.

And what exactly that pre-collimator does?

It compensates for the wider viewing angle of 125° on a XM-L. Without a 2nd lens closer to the led some of the beam won't be caught by the main lens. On the other hand a XR-E can work well with a single lens since it only has a 90° viewing angle.

its about time! doesn't look adjustable, or fully focused. too bad...

It states later in the description:


Double Coated Glass Lens

Perhaps the word 'coated' didn't make it to the title.

EDIT: I see the second lens in the pic now. Odd use of optics, doubling the associated transmission losses, at a minimum.

has been busy again...Other sites have an Ultrafire T8 3XQ5 .

Apparently. :D

The speculations were fun tho. Too bad you killed the show. :P

Both shown here:

the phlatlight pt-54 I'm playing with has double lenses.

I don't know much about optics, but I think it was done to make the beam less divergent, without fully focusing it.

I doubt as much r&d went into this TF double lens though ;)

Hows the light? Any more waterproof? Strong points?

do you mean the phlatlight? very different animal, besides them both having two lenses...

I did some fiddling around with the lenses - stock config, each one by itself, each in front of different emitters, etc.. Basically, with just one lens the beam is focused but still does this (imagine the D is the lens)


with both lenses it is more like this (although not as concentrated as an = implies)


disclaimer - don't buy this trustfire thinking it will have a similar beam! i have no idea what it looks like, but I'm guessing they had a similar intent...

It will depend on the angle and thickness of each lens, I feel it is difficult to know it without having it.

Also available now at Manafont, with better pictures, it accepts one or two 18650 with extension tube.

And the best of it, the head diameter, 48mm, the lens might be 45-46, which for an XM-L if it is well designed should throw quite a bit.

The lens travel is around 12mm, which hopefully means most light is thrown into the lens..

I am really tempted to give it a try, probably after christmas I will...

Hi Gorann, I will let you know once I received it, as you asked me for iton the Deerelight DBS post.

I cross my fingers it will be in my hands during next week, but I am not sure as we give the presents on the 6th of january instead of 25th of December, and the post office might be quite busy next week.

i'm looking forward to hearing about this. I'll go for this or the Z6 next. Probably this if the current draw on 1 cell is decent. Don't know what they were thinking w/ that ugly 2nd cell extension but it doesn't matter to me, I'd probably never use it. Doesn't look like she'll tailstand but I have GITD tailstand grommet like thingy that might fit...

Yes you are totally right about the extension tube, it does not match at all the rest of the flashlight.

If I were just looking for the best looking design I would go for the Z6, but I am more with the performance, and I am praying this one to be a winner.

In addition, it looks on the pictures it has well machined threads, and a general nice construction, better than most flood to throw lights available, not as nice as the Z6, but it is something..

I will not be using the extension tube either, and I am hopping it will do about 3A with a single cell too, if not I will probably use it Direct drived or with any other driver that can work at 3A.

haha, yeah, If it were pink with purple flowers, but performed awesome, I'd still buy it.

not sure if you noticed - KD claims 2.8A and lightmalls says 3A

DX says 2A for the Z6, and the reflector must be 2/3 as wide as T8. Z6 looks easily pocketable though...

I bet performance is great as long as they didn't screw up the driver or use really high loss lenses.

I do not normally believe much about the technical specs from shops as they are rarely true, or in the case they tested it, it could be done with a wrong method such as using a high internal resistance battery etc, so lets see how it is when it arrives..

I see the Z6 on other segment, probably with the Yezl T9, with maybe better construction, but the Yezl is better than normal (on the FTT lights), the Yezl has a bit bigger lens diameter by the way, but lacks of a really bad lens, that I replaced and I am quite happy with it but, as most of us I always want more haha.

Argh, I was relaxed waiting for it till now, now I want it to be here tomorrow haha, it can be great or rubbish but I want it now, and it is your fault haha.

anybody else hoping the body can be bored to ~27mm certainly the extension cannot

i know it is unlikely...but it is fat

edit: i suppose there's no chance, it would wipe out the inside threads for tailcap...