"DOUBLE REVIEW": Lumintop Tool AA V2.0 & Lumintop Tool25 [Pic Heavy]

Well i’m no expert either but a lot of reading and anoying people with questions will get you to the goal.

Lexel driver is ready to use when delivered. You can even ask him to set mods you like (outputs).
There’s option for single liion or 2xliion but the output/current to the LED is the same as predetermined before.
More deatils can be found here:

I’ve been reading and bugging people about this, but in the end I fail to perceive if my wills can work or not!

I have some lights to mod, to use 2x14500s but I’ve been failing to perceive with which drivers & leds they will work or not.

I will re-read again and draw my conclusions :slight_smile:

Thanks for the link and for the help on this! And then show us how the mod went ! I’m sure it will be great to have the Tool25 working that way :slight_smile:

I hope i won’t forget about this update… my work take most of my time and other hobby which is also important. Sometimes i do some important stuff to show somebody but i forgot it and some months pass untill someone reminds of it.
Feel free to bump me in PM from time to time :slight_smile:

Ahah, I hope I don’t forget about that too :smiley:
Normally I do recall it as they are similar mods to what I desire to do, so I like to see how it works !
I’ll check this with you in some time :wink:

I think the switch boot on my Tool AA V2.0 is different and wont tail stand. Disappointing.

How come? Can you post a pic?

I cant right now but there are plenty of pics with the usual style:

Hum, unless they put a taller rubber tailcap, it should work well! Both my old and new versions tailstanded correctly!
Have you checked if there is any “holding” spacer between the switch and the tailcap?
If not, it may cause the tailcap to protrude a bit !

Also, that seems a photo from the old version not the AA 2.0!
Even in AliExpress where I bought mine, it has the bunny tailcap!

I’ll check and make sure I didn’t do something when modding it. It was only purchased 2 months ago from Amazon.

I looked and it appears I replaced the tail spring with a stiffer BeCu one. So now when I really crank the tail cap down it pushes out on the switch just enough to make it wobbly. If I loosen the cap just slightly it will barely stand on its own so I guess it was my own doing after all.

I was worried for a second. Luckily now we know the source of the problem.

Glad you found what was wrong :wink:
These lights have room for mods, but they need to be precise, otherwise we’ll end not having a good final result!
Hope you can solve it and make it tailstand :wink:
BTW, can I ask what mod did you do? :wink: :innocent:

Just a new shaved LH351D LED and better tail spring, nothing too fancy.

I am quoting this because a fellow member asked me about unscrewing the pill of the Tool AA (and the Tool 25 is the same)!
Please be sure that when you unscrew the pill, you use thin tweezers and you rotate it to the right, not the left!

The pills are not glued, so it is just a matter or turning it to the right!

We refer to standard threads as right-hand where righty=tighty and lefty=loosey.
I will update post for those not familiar with this convention.

Thanks bansuri!
I quoted your post because I remembered someone (=you :wink: ) had posted that information into the thread and I wanted to make it more visible as I forgot to mention that on the text review on post #1!

We are normally used to loose the pills towards left and tighten towards right, but these 2 lights are the opposite (need to turn it clockwise to unscrew)! So thanks of the heads up, and also for the edit/clarification on your post.


It’s a sad day when you find out the hard way that a threaded component spins opposite of what you expect. Don’t ask how I know!

Did you…ruin a part of your light because of that? :zipper_mouth_face:
Sorry if you did :frowning:
And I hope you have is solved yet! :wink:

Not this one, I think I learned that lesson on a tailcap switch on another light. Now I check both ways.
Glad these aren’t glued.
Still haven’t modded, not sure what to swap to. So many choices.
Been using it as-is, tint is acceptable for a cool tint. We’ve seen worse.

Ufff, I thought you had a problem with the Tool! :zipper_mouth_face: Glad you don’t! :+1:
Nop, nothing is glued, just like on the V1.0! It is very mod-friendly! Apart from those flaps in the driver/pill and the smaller diameter of the aluminum MCPCB, which are also easily modable!

The CW tint is not the worst, specially if compared to the V1.0 that had huge tint shift (and that terrible PWM)! The new versions are improved and I only wish they had no memory! I will put a new driver someday to solve that :innocent:

A warmer/neutral tint will also make it better!