"DOUBLE REVIEW": Lumintop Tool AA V2.0 & Lumintop Tool25 [Pic Heavy]

This is the review of the flashlights Lumintop Tool AA V2.0 and Lumintop Tool 25!
These flashlights were bought in Lumintop Store at AliExpress during the Mid Year Sale (June 2019).
The Tool AA V2.0 costed 12,05€ and the Tool25 costed 14,44€.

The flashlights were bought in one day (21st June), shipped on the following (22nd June), and took about 3 weeks to arrive (12th July).

There are some reviews from the Tool AA V2.0 around:
bilakos10: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/55067

The Tool25 is quite recent, I couldn’t find any review yet!

| \\//\\// | Tool AA V2.0 | Tool25|
|Colour| Black| Black|
|Material| Aircraft grade aluminum alloy / Type III hard anodizing, toughened and wear resistant| Aircraft grade aluminum alloy / Type III hard anodizing, toughened and wear resistant |
|Emitter|Cree XP-L HD| Cree XP-L HD [*Note1]|
|Lens| AR coated glass| AR coated glass |
|Battery|1xAA alkaline OR 1x AA Ni-MH OR 1x 14500 Li-Ion [*Note2]|2x AA alkaline OR 2x AA Ni-MH batteries [*Notes 2 & 3]|
|Switch|Reverse clicky tail Switch | Reverse clicky tail Switch |
|Max Beam Distance|127m|91m|
|Candela| 3420cd | 2070|
|Waterproofness|IP68 (Underwater 2m)| IP68 (Underwater 2m)|
|Impact Resistance|1.5m|1.5m|
|Low Battery Warning| Not specified|Using Alkalines below 2.4V = no Turbo mode|
|Reverse Polarity Protection| Yes – Driver Design | Yes – Driver Design |
|Over-heat Protection|Not specified| Using turbo +1 minute = output will decrease|

* Note_1: the User manual of the Tool25 indicates that the flashlight supposedly uses a Nichia 219CT (NW) or a XP-G3 (CW), but it is using a XP-L HD which is not completely Cool White but it is not completely Neutral White, or vice-versa. Beamshots will tell us more.

* Note_2: due to the driver design, these flashlights will not accept flat top batteries. For the Tool AA V2.0, Lumintop warns to use _“reliable and high-quality Lithium-Ion battery with a protective circuit” but long batteries with USB-rechargeable circuit will not fit this light. Button top batteries are easily usable.

* Note 3: due to a lower voltage of the Ni-MH batteries, Lumintop clearly warns that “there would be no turbo mode when using this type of battery”. Also, it is warned that Li-Ion batteries should not be used with this flashlight.

In this part, I will show some photos and information of what we get with the flashlights and their specs. As some characteristics are identical, I will opt to show only 1 photo when those specs are similar.

So, what we get in the Tool AA V2.0 and Tool 25 packages*? The flashlights, lanyard, spare o-rings, user manual and Glow In The Dark diffuser.

Below, the photos, Tool AA V2.0 on the left and Tool 25 on the Right.

Although these flashlights are “recent” (specially the Tool 25), they have a familiar shape to the older sisters, the Tool AAA and the Tool AA. So the design is not new.

While the Tool AA V2.0 was a “Honey, I shrunk the kids!!” comparing to the older Tool AA, the Tool 25 was like a “Honey, I took Viagra!” comparing the other Tools.

All parts are physically interchangeable among the 3 lights: Tool AA, Tool AA V2.0 and Tool 25. Even the magnetic tailcap of the older Tool AA can be used in these new lights. The Tool 25, being a bigger light with more batteries (= heavier) can easily be sticked in a fridge easily, and won’t fall easily.

Although I didn’t carry prolonged tests with the different heads in different bodies with different types of batteries, I can say that the Tool AA V2.0 works with 2 x AA cells and the Tool 25 works with 1 x 14500 cell.

I can also say that the pocket clips are reversible as well as the battery tubes. This way, one can clip in lights downside in a pocket and can also interchange heads with tailcaps with no issue!

Both lights have square threads. The hosts are not thin, but the threads are well cut and anodized. The threads arriver slightly anodized, but were not dry.
The following parts are common to both flashlights: head and tailcap components.

HEAD: AR coated glass lens, GITD o-ring, SMO reflector, aluminum pill, black gasket, XP-L HD Led in an 12mm aluminum PCB, 14mm driver with flaps designed to accept only button tops.

An overlook to the top. Please note that the Tool AA V2.0 had some dust and black particles inside. I noticed it on time before turning the flashlight on turbo for long time, as it might have damaged the LED. This was the major “flaw” I noticed concerning to Quality Control from Lumintop in these packages. The Tool 25 was clean.

Tool AA V2.0 (Left) and Tool 25 (Right)

TAIL: Lumintop branded silicon cap, aluminum spaced, reverse clicky switch, thick black o-ring and threaded spacer to make contact with the battery tube.

Both flashlights have the ability to tailstand, although in irregular surfaces the Tool 25 will struggle more due to weight/balance.

Tool AA V2.0 (Left) and Tool 25 (Right)

Regarding the dimensions and weight of the flashlights, here are my measurements!

Tool AA V2.0 with AA Alkaline (Aerocell) >>>>> AA Ni-MH (Panasonic 2450mAh)>>>>> 14500 Li-Ion (Sofirn 900mAh)

Tool 25 with 2 x AA Alkaline (Aerocell) >>>>> 2 x AA Ni-MH (Panasonic 2450mAh)


I won’t speak about the lanyard and o-rings, but it must be mentioned that both flashlights have 2 holes in the tailcap in order to attach a lanyard.

The User Manuals are written in English and Chinese. In the Tool 25 there is a mistake on the type of LED that these lights take, namely when they say it is XP-G3, while it is XP-L HD.
Apart from this, it is not extensive in information and…I could use a magnifying lens to read it :X

Tool AA V2.0 (Top) and Tool 25 (Down) [Click for bigger photo]

Like the Tool AA, these two lights come with a Glow In The Dark silicone diffuser, that after a while dissipates the green light. Given the “kind” runtimes of these lights, it may be handy, though, when used as a candle for an extended period of time. Or even for a short one, if needed, of course!!!

Tool AA V2.0 (Left) and Tool 25 (Right)


Here’s some size comparison between these 2 flashlights and some other similar (in size or type) lights.

First, the Lumintop family:

Tool AA vs Tool AA V2.0

Tool AA V2.0 Comparison with normal tailcap [5th from the right] VS with magnetic tailcap [2nd from the right]

Tool 25 vs Blitzwof BW ET1 (my 2xAA lights)

Tool 25 vs Convoy S2+ / Zanflare F1 / Amutorch VG10 / FW3A / Wuben T70 Camouflage


The flashlight can be operated through clicking the tailswitch or twisting the head.

Be sure to tighten the head to use the tailswitch to operate the flashlight.

- Full click from OFF = Turns the Light ON in the last used mode (flashlight has memory)

  • Full click from ON = Turns the Light OFF

- When ON: single tap/half press on the tailswitch to advance modes in the sequence Low – Medium – High – Turbo.

- When ON: 6 taps/half presses will enter Strobe

  • When on Strobe: single tap returns to regular modes, but not necessarily to the last used mode

If the flashlight is turned OFF/ON within 2-3 seconds, it will advance to the next mode. Within 3+ seconds, it will turn ON in the last used mode.

Be sure to: a) tighten the magnetic tailcap to make contact with the tube, or b) click the tailswitch to allow current passage. Gathered these conditions:

- Loosen the head = Turns the light OFF

  • Tighten the head = Turns the light ON

- Single twists will advance modes in the sequence Low – Medium – High – Turbo.

  • 6 quick twists will enter Strobe

results may vary according to different types of batteries!

Here’s some data about output and runtime provided by the manufacturer. Please note that results may vary according to different types of batteries!

\\//\\// TooL AA V.20 Tool 25
Battery type VS Runtime AA Alkaline AA Ni-MH 14500 Li-Ion 2 x AA Alkaline 2 x AA Ni-MH
Low 3.7 lum / 60h 3.7 lum / 60h 16 lum / 37h 12 lum / 45h ???
Medium 28 lum / 11h50m 28 lum/ 12h30m 85 lum / 6h09m 70 Lum / 6h35m ???
High 140 lum / 49m 140 lum / 2h33m 360 lum/ 79m 280 lum / 1h5 min ???
Turbo 220 lum / 21 min 270 lum / 43 min 650 lum / 33 min 500 lum / 1h n/a (turbo will not work…)
Strobe —- —- —- 280 lum / … ???

As noted above, please take into attention that the Tool AA V2.0 will only take some types of batteries (on the left) namely button top. The flat tops or long button tops with in-built USB circuit will not work or fit!

First, please take a look to the colour difference of the LEDs. Although it is not explicitly said that the Tool 25 uses Neutral White LED, that seems to be the case, while the Tool AA V2.0 uses Cool White LED.
Tool AA V2.0 (Left) and Tool 25 (Right)


Tool AA V2.0 >>> Acebeam H20 (XP-L HI U6-4C 4000K) >>> Tool 25 (Right)

Tool AA V2.0 >>> FW3A (XP-L HI 3D) >>> Tool 25 (Right)

Tool AA V2.0 >>> Klarus XT1C (XP-L HD V6) >>> Tool 25 (Right)

Tool AA V2.0 >>> Convoy S2 (Osram White Flat 1 = OSRAM KW CSLNM1.TG) >>> Tool 25 (Right)

Tool AA V2.0 >>> Convoy S2+ (XP-L HI U6-3A) >>> Tool 25 (Right)

Tool AA V2.0 >>> “BLF 348” (Nichia NVSW219BT, 4745 – 5310K) >>> Convoy T2 (Luxeon V – 4000K) >>> Tool 25 (Right)

Fortunately, and on the contrary of the Tool AA, these new lights don’t have visible PWM!!! On the lower modes, under the camera, there are some traces of it, but it is only visible that way.
Tool AA V2.0 (Left) and Tool 25 (Right)

Tool AA V2.0 = Alkaline >>> Ni-MH >>> 14500 Li-Ion

Tool 25 = Alkaline >>> Ni-MH
(maybe due to weaker Alkalines, the output on Turbo was more visible on the AA Ni-MH, contrary to what would be probably supposed)

Tool 25 (2x AA Ni-MH) >>> Tool V2.0 (1 x AA Alkaline) >>> Tool V2.0 (14500 Li-Ion)


So…what do I think about these lights?

  1. They are lightweight and slim, what makes them perfect for EDC carry on a jeans pocket (Tool AA V2.0) or even in a jacket’s pocket (Tool 25).

2) They are versatile, specially in what concerns the use of different types of battery.

3) They have pretty decent outputs and well spaced modes, what seems more and more difficult nowadays…

4) They are well built despite they are thin hosts. Also, anodizing in the hosts is quite nice despite the knurling is somehow “aggressive” . But it is good for a better grip!

5) They bring a GITD diffuser to use as tailstand light in “candle” mode.

6) They represent an evolution in terms of finishing, comparatively to the older Tool AA, namely in what concerns the ugly tint shift it had and the PWM it showed.

7) We can use a magnetic tailcap, that unfortunately doesn’t come included within the package.

8) They are moddable, despite their PCB and driver dimensions may pose some constraints.

9) The interchangeability of parts of the hosts.


  1. The pocket clip, as it is the weakest link of these flashlights, both in terms of shape and anodizing.

2) The mode memory. If these lights didn’t have memory (as the older Tool AA), they would probably better flashlights for EDC, not incurring the risk of “blinding” ourselves if the Turbo mode was the last used mode, but if our memory has failed not remember it.

3) Of course, the tint. Although I got Cool White /Neutral to Cold White flashlights, it is time Lumintop and other manufacturers start offering more pleasant tints, real neutral or even warm white, even if it is not Nichia.

4) The Tool 25 could accept 2x 14500s :smiley: That Would be nice for a long pocket rocket!


Overall these are nice flashlights that allow a simple use. I’m sure they could be improved, but for the price I paid and the price they are on sale, there is not much I/we can ask for apart from what was said.

My Tool AA V2.0 will surely take a 15mm driver soon , with a better UI, and a different LED (Luxeon V2?). The Tool 25…well, I gotta see what I can do to make it take 2x14500 Li-Ion cells :smiley:

Thanks for reading! Leave your comments or questions!

Thank you for the informative review, very nice details.

While others may get excited by the pure technical side of tspecs and graphs in a review, I like ‘pic heavy’ reviews. Photos of product details, beamshots, general presentation, even packaging and the extensiveness of a instruction leaflet are, for me at least, important factors that get me interested in a certain product.

You’ve done a wonderful job, MascaratumB, the vivid yellow and orange backdrops makes these little black lights a lot more attractive. In the meanwhile I’ll wait for the courier, who is on his/her way with a white Lumintop Tool AA.

Great review. Thanks. How tall would it be with the magnetic tailcap?

Wonderful review, thank you mate !
The only thing that keep me away from these two lights is the UI… 12lm in NOT a low mode and it can’t be my EDC without a proper <1Lm mode :frowning:

Thank you for you words, glad you liked :wink:

Thanks man! Glad you appreciated and that the colour scheme was nice to see the nuances of the flashlights :wink:
It took a while to get the review done, but I guess that in the end it worth it! And like you, images are normally a big part of what I like in the reviews, “the eyes eat” :wink: Hope you like your Tool AA when it arrives :wink:

Thanks man :wink: I will take a photo of the Tool 25 tonight, I guess it was the “only” thing I missed :zipper_mouth_face:
The Tool AA v2.0 is already in the GIF comparison with other AA Lights :wink:

Thanks mate :wink: Hum, you’re right, the Lowest mode on both is quite “high” specially for indoor use. For outdoor it its OK, but indoor is not so good.
However, I don’t mind it so much in the Tool 25 as it will probably be a backup light, and for that, the lowest mode doesn’t bother me so much.

BTW, when I make the driver mod in the V2.0, I will probably use an Olight M1T clip on it to replace the original one. It fits well and stays relatively well in place.
I believe that Streamlight clips will also fit :wink:
[see post #24]

As promised, some dimensions of these lights with the magnetic tailcap :wink:

A comparison with my other 2xAA flashlight (Bliztwolf BW-ET1) and with the shortest AA flashligh I have (and probably one of the shortest around, apart from its sister DGQ Tiny AA, the DQG Slim Ti AA )

Thanks for the size with the magnetic tailcap.

At what brightness setting does the light turn ON with the magnetic tailcap? Does it start at low?

Nice review , I use the original AA tool ,I can’t fault it except it would be nicer if it Had LVP built in , but can get round that by using protected 14500’s.

You’re welcome :wink:
So, as with the button tailcap, the flashlight will start in the last used mode. Meaning , if you left it on High for more than 3 seconds after turning it OFF, it will start on High when you turn it ON again. Then, the L-M-H-T is the way it cycles, but it will always depend on the last used mode. :wink:

Yup, that would be nice, I guess most of use have more unprotected batteries laying around, than protected. We’ll have to take that into account when using the flashlight!

Please note that the Sofirn 14500s I use are unprotected. Despite being button top (fitting the driver’s ring well) they are actually smaller than the Sanyo’s UR14500P and the Efest IMR14500!

When my 14500 is about to get empty, I will check how low it will start signaling that and how low it will go before (eventually) shutting the light OFF!

Like it they were brothers/sisters :

Wuben E10 & Tool AA V2.0

(I wish the “next mode memory on the E10 was like the one in the Tool AA V2.0…)

good review!

my measurments says that High is two time longer than stated. will tell manufacturer to check specs.

overall, i would agree with your +\

nice lights, i`m glad to see that Lumintop made decent progress in their models, they used to be so boring 2-3 years ago.

Thanks Narmattaru!!
Hum, are you talking about the runtimes on the Tool AA or the Tool 25?
If the runtimes are longer, that is an excellent new! Did you use Ni-MH or Alkalines?

You can share the things you don’t agree about the lights so that I can learn too :+1:

And, definitively, at least regarding the Tool AA V2.0, it was an improvement on tint, size, and no PWM regarding the 1st version of the Tool AA (v1.0)!
Only “major con” for me, in this new version, would be the memory :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the review. I bought one based on this and am not disappointed. While memory mode is bothersome to me in an EDC light I intend to use the Tool25 as a work light. In that setting memory mode is welcome.
When I was a teenager they introduced the maglight 2xaa minimag and it was my first AA light that was actually useful. Many car stereos and shade-tree repairs were completed thanks to the Mini-mag and those damn little bulbs. This has a similar size and I get a little buzz from the “blast from the past” vibe.
Also, the extra length makes it sit well in belt-worn tool bags without dropping down in the pouch.
Any old man would cherish this light.

Thanks for looking Bansuri :wink:
So, are you liking the Tool 25? I haven’t used mine that much, I need to charge some Ni-MH cells, put them into the light and put it my back pack or somewhere where I need it frequently!

The mode memory may be bother somehow, but it is not a 1000lumens light that will blind us if turned on in High mode!

I hope you appreciate it and thanks for reading :wink:

It’s a great little work light. Have to stress “work” cuz I have to have special flashlights for every occasion because… well ultimately so I don’t shock my wife when I sneak up after reading the forums all night. Gotta have direct to moonlight in my EDC.

Wanted to thank you for the “pic heavy” reviews. Many questions can be answered by a few pictures and I appreciate than you have many shots of different stages of assembly, size comparisons, beam shots, even instruction manual!

I love my li-ion lights but my roots are AA. I never really loved the 2xD lights that were the norm when I was a kid.

I’ll be swapping emitters and wanted to let any potential modders know that the pill has left-hand threads.

edit: by “left hand” I mean opposite of standard threads. You will need to rotate the pill clockwise to unscrew.

This will explain the seemingly counter-intuitive naming convention better than I can - Screw thread - Wikipedia

I was thinking what flashlight to use with Lexel’s DD 1S/2S Bistro HD OTSM 15mm driver and now i found it. :slight_smile:
Many thanks for this review!

Thanks for reading :wink:
If I may ask, which LED will you use? :wink:
Cause I also intend to mod this one and I’m looking for viable options :innocent:

I’m debating with my other self about 351D 5000K 90CRI or going to rocket option, W1.
But most likely i’ll use W1 in AA and 351D in 25

Funny you mention that, this morning I was looking to the reflector on the AA and thought about the W1 too :smiley: I am just worried that it may create some rings on the beam :zipper_mouth_face: The reflector is short and seems better prepared to use domed LEDs than domeless! But it may be a good option! Also, beware that you may have to “shave” the MCPCB to make it fit in the pill!

About the Tool25, using that driver 15mm from Lexel with 14500 batteries won’t need any tweek on the driver? Can it be used without issues due to the LED vs Batteries voltage?!

I am really dumb about this, that’s why I’m asking !!!