DQG 26650 EDC Triple XPG2


Looks good

i am wondering if you guyz really enjoy(ed) the DQG 18650 with 1000 copies sold?

still enjoying it, did it live up to your expectations, or has it become unexpectedly fast a dust collector in the storage drawer? me observing after people had received their units all discussions on all forums stopped all of a sudden seemed like and i heard sincere comments on the product thru pm which they didn't want to post in public in orda not to rain the buying spree rocking the boat who does that.

i don't buy a new handbag or a new pair of shoes only because the maker has released a bigger shoe. if 1000 people buy the bigger handbag and continue to rave about it for say 4 months then it maybe a long-term enjoyable product yes and this fact would make me interested in some apparent "special quality" of the product.

well there are girls who take a good look in the mirror and collect handbags and shoes i agree ya why not so go ahead throw da money :)

Well put Kollege. Only thing is I did not kauf a DQG 18650 so if I kauf this one, I am still froh. I did not waste geld.

Just let me know when your better bigger battery charger is here so I can buy a couple. Cheers.
The light should be good if it takes protected cells and has memory. One can only hope.

i don’t need it,i want it :stuck_out_tongue:

Pretty compact. ;)

only miss up front picture :slight_smile:

If World War II ended in a tie... :evil:

Each XPG driven at 1.4A.

That's respectable, and is good enough for an EDC. If there was a slimmer 18650 version I'd get it, I need the smaller size!

Looks really interesting!

My wish list for changes, in priority order:

1. Quoting leaftye: "The low mode should be lower.", about 2% should be fine

2. Add lowlow mode of 0.1 .. 0.2% (not a moonlight, but 1-2lm)

3. 3D tint instead of 3B

4. Tailcap design with longitudinal lines breaks the harmony of this light. Please consider similar knurling than in head. Something like this, but thinner:

Here's some rough calculations for "perfect" mode spacing:

Basic data
Emitter count 3 pcs
Drive current / emitter 1400 mA
Total current 4200 mA x3
Mode spacing
High 100 %
Med 30 %
Low 2 %
Lowlow 0.2 %
Cell used 4200 mAh King kong or similar
Approximate runtimes
High 1 h
Med 3 h
Low 50 h = 2 days
Lowlow 500 h = 21 days
Approximate output
XP-G at 1400mA 441 lm From CREE charts
Total 1323 lm x3
Efficiency (approximated) 80 % Optical & electrical efficiency combined
Approximate OTF lumens
High 1,058 lm
Med 318 lm
Low 21 lm
Lowlow 2 lm

Just keep in mind that most drivers are very inefficient at low currents and you could assume under 50%.

i would love this in warm white… will take neutral though

Thanks for correcting me. The table is just a very rough estimate for starting a discussion..

Yes, lets keep the discussion on this light. I am keen to find out more.
It looks interesting.

I forsee me being roughly $42 less well off in the very near future. I too wish it was 3d tint or one of the hi cri bins but i guess that just means I’ll have something to do.

The qlite mode spacing on star four would suit me, but otherwise, 26650, nw xp-g2, its ticking boxes for me that’s for sure.

I bought the DQG 18650 XM-L2 and ended up selling it. The only cells I could fit in it were Trustfire flame 18650’s and I don’t have enough trust in those cells to keep them that near my twig and 2 berries. It wasn’t a bad light, but it just felt cheap to me. I imagine this will suffer the same fate. CNQG has shown they can make a great light with the BTU Shocker, but sadly, I think my desire for cheaply constructed lights has shrunk as my interest in this hobby has grown.

harsh words. very sincere.

thanks for sharing.

ric won't be happy ...

i want try a triple XP-G2!…where can i buy this flashlight?


but it’s not available yet.