DQG AAA with low-low mode?

I was wondering if anyone else would be interested.

I already have a Preon P0 which is very nice but would quite like a DQG AAA. However, at this stage I would really want it to have two modes most useful to me - high, and a “firefly or moonlight” low mode.

If there was enough interest here, maybe a special version could be made?

I’d certainly like to see more moonlight or firefly modes but I’d prefer it added it to normal low, med, high.
Programmable is what they really should do. Its not that hard or costly.

I'm with you on loving the P0 form factor, anything larger is bigger than I want for my keychain, which rules out most AAA lights.

And I just ordered a DQG IV bec I was wishing my P0 had a brighter high.

But personally I'm not big on moonlight/firefly... I do like the way the qtc variable lights like Quantum (not budget!) can go super low, it's nifty, but I don't actually user it for practical purposes.

If anything what I'd like is the other end of the spectrum, a DQG that would take a 10440 cell and go to ~200 lumens... Maybe it would have to be slightly longer for heat dispersion?

Welcome to BLF, Joel! :party:

It is a lovely size light! I find the high mode to be adequate but can appreciate wanting something brighter. I don’t know how hot it would get, maybe too hot to hold? My Preon gets warm quickly, running on eneloop. I don’t mind it though. Titanium would be better. :bigsmile:

Thx for the welcome.

Do you use the P0 magnet? I found the tail magnet clumping to my keyring a bit annoying, so I used a lighter flame to demagnetize the neodymium, now no clumping. Neat trick.

Also, I wonder if the DQG head will work on the P0 Body?

PS 联合王国 very clever ;) Apparently I'm from '纽约市'

I do use the magnet a lot! It’s really handy. I don’t carry the Preon on my keys though. I think the magnet would definitely get irritating if I did!

I did not know you can demagnetize it like that! Would it tarnish the metal maybe?

How is the DQG faring on your keys, does it scratch easily?

I don’t find the magnet to be a nuisance. All it clings to is the split ring… and the light is already attached to that. I’m a little surprised that so many people find it irritating.

I’ve had the DQG Titanium on my keychain for almost a year now. You have to look pretty closely to see any marks (I wouldn’t even call them scratches). It’s showing very little wear. The SS version wasn’t on my keychain as long, but it’s faring about the same. In short: No. It doesn’t scratch easily.

The DQG head does work on the P0 body. This has been my setup for quite a while now. I’d be in for a moonlight-low mode. I feel like that’s the only thing missing from this great little light.

I spy a Kingston drive! :bigsmile:

That’s good to know!

Awesome! That's great, a little knurling on the DQG head, then a sleek P0 body. He he I'm such a geek.

Chloe, my DQG IV just shipped today so I don't know how it will hold up on keychain. I don't mind a little wear tho esp on uncoated stainless steel.

Re: magnet trick, there are a few methods of demagnetization, but heating a metal above its 'Curie temperature' is most common way to remove a magnetic field. For steel this is 779C or 1390°F, but neodymium it's only abt 310 - 400°C, which can be achieved with a lighter flame.

15 seconds in the blue part of flame was enough for my P0. It was about the easiest thing I have ever done ;) Of course anyone trying this will want to remove the battery and head, and maybe hold the body with pliers or some other tool. A butane torch shouldn't leave any discoloration unless it's 'overcooked.' I was lazy and used a Bic lighter which caused some black carbon ash to accumulate, but it wiped away easily, except a little I couldnt reach like inside the keyring hole, that u would need a microscope to notice.

For DQG IV I just specified the glow tail instead of magnet option, so no need for more science projects ;)

Thanks, Joel!

The glow tail reminded me, it would be so cool if a small ~5mm long tritium could fit instead. This would be another feature I’d like, although if it had a low-low it could stay on all night.

Aren’t trits extremely dim? You can only see it with dark adjusted eyes, no? Nearly all pictures of them are overexposed, some massively overexposed.
I wanted a bunch till I realized how dim they are for the cost. Seems like primarily a novelty. If I had tons of money I guess its kinda neat being a radioactive powered phosphor.

An ultra low current led is much more useful for actually finding your flashlight or lost keys. Certainly brighter then a trit at 22uA & can be bright enough to see in direct sunlight if you turn it up. Even added to a 10440 light, a 22uA locator would run for years.

I find the green tritiums very bright. Sometimes I even have to move my tritium keyring from my bedside table because it is so bright. My room is lit with an LED night light, so it is not in total darkness either. Smaller tritiums are not as bright, but bright enough to find it in the dark if it is nearby.

This photo I took is fairly representative of how I perceive the tritiums at night. You can see the white glow of the night light too, which ought to be a bit brighter than it appears here:

Well everyone knows cats have superior night vision!
Can’t go by how you perceive them Miss Chloe Kitty. :party:

What size are your trits?

Yeah! Show us your trits! :party:


The large keyring is 22mm long and the smaller is possibly 5mm? Hard to measure as I can’t take them out.

Thanks for this info, revolver. Just got a DQG AAA IV and the only thing I don’t like is that the magnet isn’t strong enough to be useful. Had it for a week & it hasn’t come on in my pocket & the goofy little pocket clip hasn’t even bent (yet).
I was thinking about getting the Preon, but couldn’t really justify another small light…unless…I could get a better magnet & keep the higher output of the DQG.
Does it also work the other way around, will the Preon head work on DQG body?
I assume that it does. This will make a good ‘giveaway’ light for a friend.
Off to buy a Preon then.