DQG Hobi Ti 450nm Blue Laser Osram PLTB450B 1600mW

DQG Hobi Ti 450nm Blue Laser Osram PLTB450B - OFBD - 10280 - Momentary Tail Sw - 1600mW.Made from a DQG Titanium pill capsule with Ti extensions & hand made copper parts, a little pocket monster :D

Osram PLTB450B 1600mW 450nm 5.6mm TO56 Diode
3-Element collimating glass lens assembly
9.5mm x 0.7mm ARC protective glass
Copper diode housing & heatsink
Head twist focusable
Upgraded focusing spring
Silicone compression focus O-ring
1600mA adjustable potted single cell boost driver
Brass lined body parts
Magnetic momentary tail switch button
Blue GITD glow inserts
Magnetic tail & keyring holder

Max - 1600mW, 1.6A/2.5A (Around 1120mW OTF with 70% efficient 3-E Lens)
Length - 79mm
Width - 12.7mm
Weight - 35g (With 10280 cell)

The centre glow part in the tail is the magnetic momentary button, surrounded by an 8mm x 4mm neo ring magnet.

Some of the different laser colours available.

Osram PLTB450B 450nm 1600mW - Data.

DTR Osram PL TB450B Test.

FAA Visible Laser Hazard Calcs for LSF-v02

Wear appropriate safety glasses kids 8^) :THUMBS-UP:


CRX DQG Titanium 10180, 10280, 10440 Pocket Charger/ Spare cell carrier.

This titanium spare cell/ pocket charger can carry and charge an extra 10440 cell for more power/ longer laser run times and being modular can also charge 10180, 10280 cells.The section with the brass rings can be used to extend the laser to use a 10440 cell and the remaining sections will still house the 10280 cell.

10440 cell version

CRX Utility Keyring.

Sweet looking laser :+1:

Where did you get the CRX glasses ? :sunglasses:

Specially made for me... (In photoshop) :D

I bet if you made one for Harry & Megan (for pest control), QE2 would give you an OBE.

Slim chances of those scenarios mate, I’m anti royal.
The look on auld lizs face when I refused the knighthood that time… :smiley:

Oh wow, awesome mod.
Never seen a blue laser before.

This is where passing college physics and biology can be of practical use: understanding how the higher energy of blue light photons transfers energy to electrons, specifically. And what a free radical is.

It’s a nice looking unit but I see none of the expected placards for a class IV laser. Does it have the required safety lockouts? It is unlikely this device could be legally imported into the US without them. Other countries, I don’t know. At 400-500 nanometers permanent eye damage happens almost instantly from a direct hit, or even from specular highlights. This is a seductively beautiful but exceedingly dangerous device to be messing with, as are all lasers above one watt. Blue is the worst.

I think that the legal power is 5mW max.They are imported with fake specs,or as simple flashlights.
I have 3 blue lasers.One 500mW,one 1500mW,and one 5000mW,together with a “Sanwulasers” 3X beam expander,which reduces beam divergence by three times and extends the visibility range of the laser beam,and of course a pair of special protecting glasses.
Of course they are very dangerous,and not only direct hit produces blindness,but even reflection on a not shiny surface could harm the eyes.
And of course don’t get close to airports turning on a laser.

400-500nm is the wavelength of light, aka the colour. Generally anything above 5mw isn’t legal for importing but :nerd_face:

Anything above 10ish mW is regarded as dangerous. Power is where the danger is unless you’re referring to the odd effects of blue light specifically.

400nm is purple
445nm is blue
~488-495 is a beautiful shade of teal
500nm is green

Now thats a real beauty. You must have put so much time and work into that. Really love it man. But I do have a complaint! Where is the arbitrary picture of it burning through something in focus at close distance?! :smiley:

It looks beautiful like everything you make! Why such an odd battery though?

another creation, so quickly. very nice looking laser.

Sorry not to be clear. There are many factors at work to cause cell damage, a few have been mentioned. The easiest to grasp are power, wavelength, and contact time. A 0.5mw helium neon beam, focused tightly enough will cause damage. The normal charts really don’t factor that in. That’s okay. Diode lasers are pretty sloppy and it would take a sophisticated (expensive) optic to get one tightly collimated enough to do damage at 0.5mw. The way I read the specs above, it is a 1.6w beam. The safety glasses pictured are not something I would wear, as they could allow spurious emissions in. At that power it wouldn’t take much. Perfectly tight fitting goggles are my choice.

Lasers are big fun. I traveled around doing laser light shows for a living back in the eighties. Just CYA before turning one on. I wonder how the CDRH is going to regulate hand held LEP emissions. It will be interesting.