I made this light from a DQG pill/ spare 10180 cell capsule, some magnets & other bit n pieces


Cree XP-L HI V3 3c emitter
Glass Lens siliconed in place
Three mode integrated driver, potted
Magnetic Momentary On tailswitch
Twisty for continuous usage
Detachable magnetic keyring holder

Max - 80lm
cd - 30
Throw - 11m


Here’s some build pictures…

The Head


The Tail


Light Complete


Magnetic carbon fibre keyring holder



The light can be operated via the momentary tail switch while still in the holder or a small o-ring can be placed around the magnet so there is lockout and no activation by pressing.

Thanks for having a look :THUMBS-UP:

You come up with the craziest but most useful and beautiful creations…SKILLZZzzz

Thanks mate :beer:

That is quite awesome. Nicely done. :+1:

Thank you :+1:

Crazy skills, where is the driver from?

It’s from a DQG hobi plus, i didn’t need it there as i made that one a single mode UV light.