DQG Slim AA - As is sale

Here’s the deal. This is a virtually new DQG Slim AA light in full titanium. In the small configuration, it uses 1/2 AA or 14250 at 51.5 mm in length. Using a full size AA with extension tube (included) it is about 72mm.
I bought it and it arrived DOA. Many back and forths and I just gave up. The tail clicky was stuck in the down position. I was communicating directly with DQG. I was told to try several things which got it to semi-working. The final thing they want me to do is remove the tail clicky as they said there is likely a small burr in there that is hindering the full function of the switch. I am not technical enough to attempt that as it involves using heat. I will leave this for someone much more technically astute than I.
I have well over $50 into it and just want to get rid of it now as I have lost my desire to own it.
Can also take a tritium vial in the tail. Should have been a great little light but just not for me
$25 shipped and PayPal’d Includes 2 –14250 Lithium-Thionyl Chloride batteries (SAFT).
Contact me for more info if needed.