DQG Slim Extension Tube Light Builds

The original diameter of the optic is 20mm, I took it down to around 15.3mm.
Liked stated above, it is not the best way to use these unless you’re just wanting to build a wee unique light for yourself, there will always be artifacts & light loss.

Here’s an image of the approximate sizes from the parts box.

Thanks for the info, and again amazing job. Has me inspired to move forward on my project.

CRX, indulge my ignorance, but the TIRs are “blackened” for any particular reason? Does it help to eliminate any kind of “beam artifacts”?
Great great work, once again 8^)

Yeah these are from years ago, I was experimenting with them.
I think it’s better to polish the sanded down outer edge than to blacken it :slight_smile:
The black on the bottom of the legs is just for effect.

Oh, nice!! Thanks for the info on that! I thought it might have any difference on the beam, but its “just” coolness 8^)