DQG Slim Extension Tube Light Builds

I got to thinking when I saw the DQG Slim 14250 ti flashlight and available titanium extension pieces....

And come up with these little fun builds.

I liked the idea of the DQG Slim flashlight with it's form factor, tail switch and ability to use different cells with the optional extension pieces but figured it would be a little slippery in it's 14250 configuration which I would mostly use plus I have always liked lights with knurling over the whole body of the light so these builds seemed sensible -ish to me :D

DQG Slim Ti 14500

Samsung LH351D 4000K 90 CRI
Sanded down reflector
FET 15mm driver with guppydrv3 firmware
Thermally controlled
Hand made copper pill & switch housing
Titanium body
14500/ 14250 cell compatible
Magnetic tail (19, 2mm x 2mm magnets)
Metal Switch
Reverse clicky
Max current 4A from Sanyo UR14500P
77mm x 17mm
Around 924lm OTF

Tail construction

Head construction

14250 cell version

Triple Nichia 219C version

TIR XP-G2 version



DQG Slim UV - Stainless Steel

Seoul Viosys Z5 series, 365nm UV LED, CUN66A1B
Noctigon MCPCB
Hand made copper pill
Ground down 15mm ZWB2 filter
3x7135 driver, single mode
14250 Cell
Lighted white reverse clicky switch
Max current 1000mA



DQG Slim Ti SST-40 - FET 15 - 14500 - Rv Clicky Tritium Sw - 1500lm - USB Rechargeable

I made an optional charging module for my DQG titanium extension tube light.
Made from copper, brass and carbon fibre tube this has a micro USB charging port supplying a tiny ME4056 charger board modified to supply 350mA charging current. Red & green charging indicators.
Remove the flashlight head to reveal the charging unit, click the tail switch on and plug in USB lead to charge.Luminus SST-40 on 14mm Noctigon
MTN 15mm FET driver with GuppyDrv3 firmware
Cyan GITD LED surround
Hand made copper pill, charging unit & switch housing
Reverse clicky tail switch with green Tritium Vial
Magnetic tail

Length - 104mm
Width - 17mm
Weight - 62g with 14500 cell
Max around - 1500lm OTF

Put simply, amazing. :beer:


Efficient Magnificent !

Yes amazing, is there anything sir CRX can not do! 8^)

Thanks mate :THUMBS-UP:

I hope not :wink: :THUMBS-UP:

Detailed and simply awesome build. :beer: :THUMBS-UP:

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As always CRX, your builds are over the top :beer: .

Love the build quality, but I’m not so fond of the most striking element….optics.
Have you considered adding some reflectivity to the optics sides? Not it looks like you have light running out and banging on the body sides…maybe even a white paint would help? The way it is, is it really any brighter than a single LED?


Thanks mate.Yeah I knew this before I made it, not the best use of the triple setup like I said in the OP.
Maybe even a straight mule would output more light but I wanted a triple and a bit of a focused beam from this.
I did polish the optic sides back up, paint or mirror tape would not really be possible here but I’ll have a think about it.
Like many of my builds I’m not always looking for maximum efficiency, just seeing if it can be done :THUMBS-UP:

Another sweet build :THUMBS-UP: I like the look of this one even with the odd looking optic :beer:


You never cease to amaze , CRX .
Great build and thread .

NIIIICCCEE———- I always enjoy your builds —- learn little tricks—— now to go build something

Superb :LOVE: True scratch-built EDC 8^)

Any beamshots? :slight_smile:


Thanks Jack :beer:

That’s the spirit :THUMBS-UP:

Cheers mate :beer:

Ive been thinking of a build i wanted but wasnt 100% on sanding optics down, your beamshot seemes quite good. What was the original diameter and how much did you take off?