DQG Ti-II Titainum VII XP-G2 1xAAA/10440 Smallest 210-Lumen EDC Flashlight

VII is 7 (not 6) :stuck_out_tongue:

Perhaps V2.0 or something similar might be less confusing.

But either way it doesn’t bother me.

ric - any chance of a group buy on this one?

i bet we could get 20 people if the price is right and a clip was included

Available to order :love:

FancyFlashlights NW
FancyFlashlights CW
CNQualitygoods NW
CNQualitygoods CW

Sorry, we do not do group-buy for DQG product.


10440’s - do any reputable brand manufacture these? Can only find crapfire ones on eBay.
Also - does the i4 charge these okay if you charge 1 and 3 or 2 and 4? The i4 is compatible but I’m concerned about the current going into such a small cell.

Edit: what does this mean from OP - —Runtime: 90 mins on hi; 35 hrs on lo, with quality AAA/14500?

Edit2: 10 second step down, baaaah :frowning:

Sadly there are not a ton of choices when it comes to 10440, I have been using the grey Trustfire protected cells which have been good to me so far but my light doesn’t stress them too much.

I have been charging them in my i4 with no problems. I always charge them with another LARGER battery and here’s why: I want to ensure that the 10440 finishes charging hidden BEFORE the other battery on the same channel. That way it never receives full charging current. If you charge two 10440 side by side unless you are extraordinarily lucky one will finish charging before the other and one cell will receive a 700+mA charge for the remainder . which is too much.

Like RMM said there is not much choice. I am very fond of my Efest 10440 IMR batteries, and being IMR they can handle some more charge-abuse as well (I charge them in the i4 parallel to another charging battery). HKJ tested it quite well. They have a buttontop IMR as well (unbranded red colour), but I don't know how good they are.

HOLY COW! its $55

i guess titanium is expensive

going to wait for a review before i take this plunge

Man I am really on the fence about this or the SS version. Really would like a small aaa light for the keychain.

I’ve asked Ric but he hasn’t gotten back to me. I don’t think I’d be comfortable with using an unprotected cell, so does anyone know about using protected 10440s in this light? I’m concerned there could be an issue with the extra length that the protection board adds or the flat + terminal that they all seem to have. If protected cells don’t work, what about using a LiFePO4 cell instead since they seem to be safe enough to run without protection?


DQG Ti works with 10440 protection cell well.

And the driver itself has anti-discharge protection, So using an unprotecte 10440 is not a problem.


good to know ric

i think this will be my next keychain light :slight_smile:

would like to see a review before I order though

I have a 2” Ti light running XM-L2 in direct drive for some 500+ lumens at start-up. It’s good for 30 seconds or more, no shut down feature. By the time it’s getting dangerously hot, the cell is getting low enough that the heat isn’t rising.

It was twice as much money, but not a twisty, has a rotating tail switch with Lo-Hi.

This light looks nice, but the shut-down feature kills it for me.

And yes, Efest IMR10440’s are the way to go. They deliver 3A+ on start-up in the above direct drive light. Been using them for about 5 months, have 4 lights that use them, including a custom made Ti light I wear on a necklace and use daily. Carry 2 Efest IMR10440’s every day as spares for the 3 lights that use them and are always with me.

This one is stylish enough to make me want it. Shame about the feature choices.

I couldn’t resist any longer and just ordered the CW magnet-tail version.

If I get it and still no review is up by then, I will do a review. Will take a month though, with customs and all…

Now waiting patiently.

Got one.
Not as good as I wish (much cooler than my previous DQG III AAA SS NW), but still OK. Magnet is weak, better option is glow dot.

Guess you could be the guinnea pig on magnet modding :smiley:
If you happen to have an old disk drive, get the magnet out of it, those are pretty strong :slight_smile:

More info on this lil gem here: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/24369